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CRISPR scientist awarded Lemelson-MIT prize


Feng Zhang, one of the pioneers of CRISPR technology, has been announced as the 2017 recipient of the $500,000 Lemelson-MIT Prize, which honours outstanding inventors.

University and two ex-professors reach strawberry settlement


A settlement has been reached between two former University of California, Davis professors who were found liable for infringing strawberry seed patents and the University of California regarding its strawberry breeding programme.

Jackson Lab seeks arbitration with Chinese university over mice


Jackson Laboratory, a non-profit medical research institution, is attempting to compel arbitration against Nanjing University over the sale of genetically modified mice.

Video interview: Allen & Overy on the UPC and CRISPR


The Unified Patent Court is likely to spark years of uncertainty and may even become part of the UK’s negotiations for Brexit.

Bayer and Ginkgo team up to boost sustainable agriculture


Bayer has teamed up with biotech business Ginkgo Bioworks to focus on developing biotech for sustainable agriculture.

Is the Allergan patent deal a misuse of sovereign immunity?


Earlier this month, in a bid to obtain immunity against an inter partes review (IPR), Allergan transferred its patent rights for a dry eye treatment to a Native American tribe.

FTC secures partial win against AbbVie


The Federal Trade Commission has secured a partial victory in its competition case against life sciences company AbbVie.

Syngenta secures nearly $1m in pesticide suit


Swiss agribusiness Syngenta has secured nearly $1 million of damages in a patent infringement suit it brought against pesticide maker Willowood.

Dow asks SCOTUS to review $445m award dispute


Agriculture company Dow has asked the US Supreme Court to review a dispute centring on damages for infringement of patents related to genetically engineered soybeans.

FDA clears orphan drug backlog


The Food and Drugs Administration has cleared the backlog of orphan drug designation requests, one month early.

Showing 1 to 10 of 1667 results