BIO 2016 preview: fireside FDA chat and the state of innovation


BIO 2016 preview: fireside FDA chat and the state of innovation

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More than 15,000 life sciences industry professionals will arrive in San Francisco for the 2016 BIO International Convention from June 6 to 9. LSIPR highlights some of the most interesting sessions

Monday June 6

What: ‘The Newest Bright Shiny Thing’

When: 2:30pm

Where: Room West 3011

One of the first sessions kicks off with speakers from companies such as IndieBio, Johnson & Johnson Innovation, QB3, OncoMed Pharmaceuticals, and Amyris. The prime focus of the session will be the challenge of achieving true innovation. The meaning of innovation will be explored in depth, looking at existing innovative models in the life sciences industry. This session will highlight the struggle in the industry and discuss more effective approaches to creating and sustaining innovation in organisational design and structure. 

What: ‘State of the Innovation Industry & Drivers of Forecasting Success’

When: 4:00pm

Where: Room West 3009

The focus remains on innovation at the ‘State of the Innovation Industry & Drivers of Forecasting Success’ session. It will be presented by two industry veterans, BIO’s David Thomas, senior director of industry research, and Ben Bonifant, partner at Triangle Insight Group. Presentations will cover emerging therapeutic company trends, the largest study ever on clinical trial success rates, and last but not least, market forecasting successes and failures in the pharmaceutical company. 

Tuesday June 7

What: ‘Fireside Chat with Robert Califf, Commissioner, US Food and Drug Administration’

When: 11:00am

Where: Room West 3011

The ‘Fireside Chat’, a newly introduced feature to BIO 2016, will take place in the morning with Robert Califf, commissioner of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The topics which will be covered are drug delivery, molecular diagnostics, research tools, therapeutics biologics, and therapeutics small molecules. Califf is a graduate of Duke University School of Medicine, where he also spent some time as a professor of medicine. He is dedicated to strengthening programmes and policies that promote and protect public health. 

What: ‘Beyond the Cutting Edge: How to Enable Life Science Organisations Today for the Societal Challenges of Tomorrow’

When: 11:15am

Where: Room South 104

In order to push the boundaries of conventional industry thinking, future societal needs have to be addressed. In this session, the focus will be on how technological advancements in life sciences such as gene editing, precision medicine, digital farming and big data analytics are being used to address future life science challenges. Speakers include professionals from Bayer, Verily Life Sciences, Harvard Medical School, Nostalab and Flagship Ventures. 

Besides focusing on how technology will affect the life sciences, the speakers will discuss how non-traditional players are already influencing the industry in the areas of big data and digitisation. The session will end with practical examples from personal experiences. Here the speakers will share important lessons and best practices for transferring knowledge throughout organisations. 

Wednesday June 8

What: ‘Intellectual Property Meetup’

When: 12:00pm

Where: Room West 3008

IP counsel and others interested in the subject will meet just before the IP track kicks off. 

What: ‘Biotech Research Ecosystem: From Lab to Patient’

When: 3:30pm

Where: Room West 3011

In this session, speakers from multiple backgrounds including the National Institutes of Health, the FDA and the biopharmaceutical industry, will discuss the opportunities and challenges around the biomedical research ecosystem and explore meaningful solutions for patients worldwide. The session will focus on solutions to accelerate the time and reduce the cost between concept and cure, as well as common challenges encountered during the discovery and development process.  

Thursday June 9

What: ‘Deal-Making in the Headwinds: How Will Market and Political Pressures Impact Biopharma Deals in 2016?’

When: 10:00am

Where: Room South 104

This session will explore updated findings from inVentiv Health Consulting’s “Dealmakers’ Intentions Study” and the BIO One-on-One Partnering Forecast. Deal-makers’ intentions will provide insight into what will likely drive the industry’s partnering and mergers and acquisitions efforts over the next few years, based on a survey of more than 150 industry executives and business development professionals. Moreover, a panel of deal-makers will explore the impact that market forces will have on pharmaceutical and biotech companies in the future.

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