A bright future for AstraZeneca?


A bright future for AstraZeneca?

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AstraZeneca has had a tough few years, with a clutch of patent expiries one of the most serious of its problems. So where does it go from here? To find out, LSIPR spoke to the Anglo-Swedish pharmaceutical company’s vice president of business development about the role IP is playing in its plans for future success.

It’s been a topsy-turvy few years for AstraZeneca.

Two years ago, new leader Pascal Soriot set to work to put the business back on track after a punishing series of significant patent expiries, while earlier this year a $118 billion takeover bid by Pfizer, the world’s biggest pharmaceutical group, pushed the Anglo-Swedish company onto the front pages. After several weeks of tussling, Pfizer’s bid was eventually seen off.

AstraZeneca’s business development team is responsible for weighing up proposals like Pfizer's takeover bid, as well as striking up working partnerships with innovative drug companies and biotechs. So LSIPR asked Shaun Grady, AstraZeneca’s vice president of business development operations, about the company’s progress, how important effective IP management is to its business strategy, and about AstraZeneca’s outlook for the future.

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