Aslan: fighting cancer head-on


Aslan: fighting cancer head-on

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Based in Singapore, biotech company Aslan Pharmaceuticals specialises in developing new treatments to fight cancers that are prevalent in Asia, often requiring licensing deals to ensure it is fully equipped. LSIPR spoke to general counsel Ben Goodger to find out more.

If you look at a cancer map across the world, the prevalence of its different types varies regionally.

While breast and lung cancer are most problematic in the Western world, in Asia one of the most common types of cancer is gastric, especially for men (the factors contributing to the difference are unclear).

“A lot of big pharma traditionally have focused on what they’ve seen as the most important commercial markets—the US and Europe—and paid less attention to Asia-specific indications,” explains Ben Goodger, general counsel of Singapore-based biotechnology company Aslan.

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