Cellular Dynamics: cells to order


Cellular Dynamics: cells to order

Stem cells are seen by many as the great hope for medical research in the years to come. LSIPR spoke to Nicholas Seay, chief technology officer at Cellular Dynamics, about the importance of IP in this field.

In 2007, researchers discovered how to create human stem cells from adult human tissue, tackling one of the key controversies surrounding stem cell research by eliminating the need to use human embryos.

Any type of human cell can be created from these human donor-derived induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells, which can aid in drug development and discovery by allowing researchers to study disease function and medical efficacy in vitro.

Wisconsin-based biotechnology firm Cellular Dynamics International uses iPS cells to produce different types of human cells to defined specifications on an industrial scale, which it offers to pharmaceutical companies in the business of drug discovery.

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