COVID-19: Protection of IP for AI tools


Mao Xiao Hong and Danny Yap

COVID-19: Protection of IP for AI tools

Andrii Vodolazhskyi /

As AI becomes a crucial weapon in the battle against the global pandemic, companies in the field need to ensure that their valuable IP is protected, as Mao Xiao Hong and Danny Yap of IPOS International explain.

Nine days before the World Health Organization officially notified the public of a flu-like outbreak in China, BlueDot, a Canadian artificial intelligence (AI) startup, warned its clients of a potential outbreak near a market in Wuhan, China.

On December 31, 2019, BlueDot, using machine learning and natural-language processing to scour through foreign language news reports and medical bulletins in many languages, alerted public health officials in Canada and elsewhere of the outbreak and identified the countries that were most at risk, based on airline ticket data.

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