Finding a cure: how big pharma can tackle counterfeiting


Stephen Ward

Finding a cure: how big pharma can tackle counterfeiting

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Counterfeiting poses one of the greatest threats to the pharmaceutical industry, but there are good reasons to believe that companies are tackling the problem head on. Stephen Ward of Pinkerton reports.

Counterfeit medications are one of the most worrisome issues for the pharmaceutical industry. The complexities of the global marketplace, from elaborate international supply chains to digital transactions that increasingly take place online and are consequently more difficult to monitor, have combined to make the task of identifying, tracking and policing the production and sale of counterfeit drugs more formidable than ever.

Even in the face of these challenges, the industry remains committed to combating counterfeit drugs, working closely with legislators, law enforcement officials and other medical and security organisations around the world to implement and enforce regulatory standards and legal protections in order to protect consumers. Appreciating the dangers posed by counterfeit medications, and understanding the strategic and tactical steps that are being taken to combat counterfeit drugs, are essential for anyone who wants to understand the scope of the problem and the range of possible solutions.

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