From cradle to grave: pharma drug drive in the NHS


From cradle to grave: pharma drug drive in the NHS

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Patient choice is at the heart of plans in the UK to expedite access to pharma-branded medicines in the NHS, but how will innovator companies be affected? LSIPR reports.

In April, the UK government is expected to publish the Accelerated Access Review. The report is intended to suggest a method of speeding up patients’ access to the latest medicines developed by pharmaceutical companies in the current restricted financial climate at the National Health Service (NHS).

Tasked with this job is Sir Hugh Taylor, an experienced civil servant with a number of years behind him working in the Department of Health. Last October, he published an interim report, which has been welcomed by many in the pharma industry.

The interim report is 26 pages long and centres on five proposals. One of the main suggestions is an increased focus on patient choice. Taylor notes that patients are increasingly “taking advantage of innovation, particularly in the digital sphere, to manage their own care across a range of conditions”.

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