Imanova: investing in know-how


Imanova: investing in know-how

Andy P /

London-based imaging company Imanova develops ‘imaging biomarkers’ to support the business of drug discovery, and takes a novel approach to protecting its innovations. LSIPR spoke to chief executive Kevin Cox about the company’s strategy.

Given the spiralling costs and ever-present risks associated with developing a new drug, pharmaceutical companies are always looking for ways to shorten the pathway from lab bench to clinic.

Some of the approaches they use—such as big data analysis and virtual organs—could be said to be almost as innovative as the products being developed. But there’s another solution: to use existing technologies in a different way.

Imaging technologies such as positron emission tomography (PET), usually used to show three-dimensional images of cancerous tumours or brain activity, can also show a drug’s interaction with disease targets inside the human body, and play a part in disease function research.

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