IP and investment: put your money where your mouth is


Dimitar Georgiev

IP and investment: put your money where your mouth is

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Intellectual property in the life sciences arena can be an attractive investment target, but a long process of evaluation must take place first, cautions Dimitar Georgiev, founder and CEO of Paralax Life Sciences.

Evaluating an investment in the life sciences sector is essential, as mistakes can be encountered easily.Intellectual property-related investments should be divided into the following categories:

  1. IP developed from scratch

This is where the real cherry-picking takes place. It’s the cheapest but also the most risky form of investment, where up to 99% of the targets could fail because of a range of reasons. Risks are dependent on the viability of the IP. This is the category with the real thrill.

  1. IP developed and acquired at an early development stage

This is a form of investment with well-defined risks and benefits, normally preferred by small or medium-sized financial or strategic investors, where the “valley of death” (funding difficulties with the process of translating basic research into a viable product) is fortunately a thing of the past. However, there are still a lot of potential troubles ahead.

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