LSIPR 50 2017: Leda Trivinos—Playing the long game


LSIPR 50 2017: Leda Trivinos—Playing the long game

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Thinking about how IP can assist a company long before it has fully developed is essential, says Leda Trivinos of Flagship Pioneering in an interview with LSIPR.

“This job is a blessing,” says Leda Trivinos, adding that “working on the cutting edge of science with incredibly talented, intelligent and out-of-the-box thinkers is exciting and rewarding.”

Trivinos joined US-based Flagship Pioneering, a business that creates and manages life sciences ventures, as an IP partner in 2015. 

At Flagship, she works with a team of “entrepreneurial scientists”—Flagship’s partners, principals and associates—to develop IP strategy and build strong patent portfolios for inventions that are ultimately used by its life sciences ventures. 

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