LSIPR 50 2018: It’s not like selling cars


LSIPR 50 2018: It’s not like selling cars

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Balancing a company’s duty to shareholders with the public responsibility to provide lifesaving treatments is a constant challenge, as Issi Rozen, chief business officer at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, tells LSIPR.

Managing and licensing the IP portfolio of a biomedical research centre as prestigious as the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard may come with any number of challenges, but for Issi Rozen there is one key question he tackles in his day-to-day work as chief business officer: how can the Broad’s proprietary technology have the maximum impact possible, in a responsible way?

“Our mission is to propel the understanding of the human genome and how we understand human health and disease,” he says, explaining that when the Broad issues a licence it has to be sure that its use will support that mission.

Rozen previously worked in the biotech industry, including in startups such as venture-backed Resolvyx Pharmaceuticals, where he led the business development and partnering efforts.

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