LSIPR 50 2018: An agent of change in healthcare


LSIPR 50 2018: An agent of change in healthcare

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Healthcare investment yields the best returns when focusing on its core aims and forging strong partnerships, James Flynn, managing partner of Deerfield, tells LSIPR.

Managing around $8 billion in funds, Deerfield is a big player in the healthcare investment field. The firm focuses on every area of healthcare (including healthcare services, medical devices, pharmaceuticals and biotech) at every stage of development, from funding academic research before it’s been spun out through to public markets. At any one point in time, Illinois-based Deerfield has approximately 300 investments.

While these are impressive statistics, this is not the only reason James Flynn was selected for LSIPR 50. His role in making Deerfield an “important agent of change in advancing healthcare” merited his inclusion in the list.

Flynn joined Deerfield in 2000, at a time when it was operating as a public equity trading firm. Since then, he’s been on a mission to make Deerfield important to human health by creating infrastructure and activities to fill in social gaps where the company sees them.

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