Preview: Practical Law’s Life Sciences Forum


Preview: Practical Law’s Life Sciences Forum

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LSIPR takes a look at what the Practical Law Life Sciences Forum, due to take place on June 25, has to offer.

On Thursday, June 25, 400 private lawyers and in-house counsels from the life sciences industry will gather at the third annual Life Sciences Forum hosted by Thomson Reuters’s Practical Law. This year, the forum takes place in in the shadow of London’s St Paul’s Cathedral.

As PwC reports that the first quarter of 2015 saw the greatest ever value of mergers and acquisitions in the pharmaceutical industry, and the forthcoming EU Data Protection Regulation demands a delicate balancing act between data protection and data transparency, lawyers practicing in the life sciences industry are dealing with an evolving set of challenges.

This year’s forum aims to provide guidance on how to cope with these new challenges, from maximising the value of industry partnerships, to providing tips on how to operate in a range of jurisdictions, to informing on useful strategies to deploy throughout the lifecycle of a pharma product or medical device.

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