TapImmune: tapping into innovative cancer treatments


TapImmune: tapping into innovative cancer treatments

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In the competitive world of cancer treatment it’s becoming ever more important to stand out from the crowd. LSIPR speaks to TapImmune’s chief executive Glynn Wilson on why he thinks the company does.

In just five years Glynn Wilson, chief executive of TapImmune, estimates the Seattle-based company will be worth more than a $1 billion. It’s a big claim to make for a company that currently is not making money but Wilson sees no reason why it can’t aim for the top.

The company’s primary function is treating cancer and infectious disease through immunotherapy. Rather than using traditional chemotherapy techniques, which seek to kill cancerous cells, TapImmune’s philosophy centres on boosting the body’s immune system to fight disease.

“The real problem we are trying to solve is finding a way to stimulate the body’s cellular immune system to kill cancer cells and virally infected cells,” Wilson tells LSIPR.

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