The right foundations: the importance of prior art searches


The right foundations: the importance of prior art searches

LSIPR talks to Matt McBride about how Science IP can help businesses ensure their patent plans get off to the best possible start.

Whether you’re a buyer or a seller, the customer is always right. This modern philosophy, more usually associated with those in the retail industry, weighs heavily on the life sciences industry. Science IP, a US company that searches and analyses scientific literature for IP professionals, places a huge emphasis on satisfying its clients.

From its office in Columbus, Ohio, the Science IP team takes on anything from a simple Chemical Abstracts Service search to a comprehensive prior art search. And it promises to deliver excellent results.

Led by Matt McBride, Science IP’s researchers cover a wide range of life sciences sectors. “We cover almost every industry from food science to engineering. Our core is in chemistry and biology—the majority of our work is either small molecule or large molecule chemistry-based work in patents,” he says. By and large, clients are patent attorneys or patent agents, but others including information professionals and inventors come knocking on Science IP’s door too.

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