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Generic drug makers are watching two cases that will determine whether pharmaceutical firms can deduct—rather than capitalise—legal fees for defending against patent infringement suits, say Carina Federico and Anne Li of Crowell & Moring.   18 July 2023
Certain problems with the patent opposition process need to be addressed in order to protect patent owners, say Alejandro Luna and Luz Elena Elias of Olivares.   9 July 2023
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With competition, employee mobility and chatbots all on the rise, protecting IP as trade secrets has never been more important for life sciences firms, says Anthony Fitzpatrick of Duane Morris.   5 July 2023
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Verdict confirms legality of 2014 patent settlement, dismissing allegations of anti competitive practices.   4 July 2023
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Revocation and infringement actions involving a cholesterol treatment, prosthetic valves, and methods for analyte detection are among the first to land at the court within its first month, explain Joanne Welch and Darren Smyth of EIP.   29 June 2023
More clarity is needed on the application of Alice and Mayo to patent eligibility—particularly for firms developing innovative medical diagnostic techniques, say Kara Specht and Yinan Liu of Finnegan.   27 June 2023
AI and computer-related inventions that use biological data are hot property, but what IP is best to protect them? Lauris Kemp, Claire Irvine, and Susan Keston of HGF explain.   12 June 2023
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Big pharma company picks pan-European venue for next leg of global dispute | IT issues potentially behind new court's low revocation count | Nearly half a million opt-outs registered.   6 June 2023
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Despite one judge’s insistence that the case was “narrow and fact dependent”, GSK v Teva could have wide-reaching implications for generic drugs, biosimilars, and how skinny labels are read, say Chad Landmon, Ross Blau, Gulrukh Haroon of Axinn, Veltrop & Harkrider.   23 May 2023
Government-led schemes to incentivise patents are leading to delays and prejudice against legitimate applicants. Tyron Grant of Spoor and Fisher explains how South Africa is tackling the problem.   9 May 2023