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Brazilian tribe
WIPO member states approve treaty addressing IP issues related to genetic resources and traditional knowledge | Agreement marks new era for IP rights and Indigenous Peoples, introducing international legal requirements for patent applicants.   28 May 2024
US and Indian firms reach agreement to settle US litigation and UK arbitration | HDT had accused Emcure of trade secrets theft over COVID-19 vaccine technology.   28 May 2024
Big Pharma
US Senate committee accuses drug companies of ‘gaming’ the patent system | Industry representatives interrogated during hearing | ‘Playing games with patents has to stop’, says one Senator.   23 May 2024
The patent attorney’s expertise spans artificial intelligence, machine learning and medical devices.   23 May 2024
New Jersey federal judge said Acuitas had failed to show case or controversy | Acuitas had sought declaratory judgment that Pfizer’s Comirnaty vaccine did not infringe patents.   23 May 2024
ARP maintained rejection of two claims of Xencor’s antibodies patent application | Panel clarified specification for means-plus-function claim limitations.   21 May 2024
Despite attempts by Pfizer and BioNTech to invalidate the patent, the ruling strengthens Moderna’s position in ongoing global litigation | Pfizer is considering an appeal, while BioNTech remains steadfast in defending its innovations.   21 May 2024
Experienced patent attorney represents clients in a wide range of industries, including renewable energy, semiconductors and artificial intelligence.   21 May 2024
Firm adds counsel to IP department in Boston office | Ex-senior patent attorney at Novartis brings broad range of life sciences experience.   16 May 2024
Puritan Medical argued it had immunity under PREP Act in patent suit | Fed Circ said the district court had not conclusively determined any issue.   16 May 2024