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Big Pharma
New bill anticipated to depart from previous government’s light-touch approach to AI regulation | Attorneys fear “onerous or conflicting” requirements on pharma and biotech companies.   16 July 2024
Unified Patent Court
UPC’s Munich Central Division revokes Amgen's patent | Decision stems from a revocation action initiated by Sanofi last year | Court's ruling focused on interpretations of patent claims and principles of inventive step.   16 July 2024
Firm adds new chair of Hatch-Waxman & Biologics Practice is an FDA and pharma litigation expert who will ‘provide clarity in an uncertain post-Chevron world’ | Shareholder brings extensive trial and appellate experience in automotive industry.   16 July 2024
Big Pharma
As the popularity of weight-loss drugs like Ozempic soars, the Danish company has to manage seasoned criminals and international investigations to get results, finds Marisa Woutersen.   12 July 2024
Unified Patent Court
Top ten UPC law firms handled over 70% of cases filed at the court | Full list of most prolific plaintiffs and defendants named.   11 July 2024
Proposed change will cut down ‘patent thickets’ says FTC | Biotech firms say changes will damage innovation.   11 July 2024
Firm adds West Coast IP team with expertise across tech and life sciences | New hires include former nationwide IP chair of full-service law firm.   11 July 2024
New Secretary of State previously vowed Labour would harness AI and "put it to work for everyone from every background” | Starmer’s government expected to adopt a tougher position on AI regulation and laws | Proposed regulatory innovation office would expedite decisions for “fast, clear and consistent regulation”.   9 July 2024
Minnesota-based biotech firm says Intellia used its patented gene editing innovations | Regeneron paid Intellia $100m for R&D that infringed three patents, alleges BlueAllele.   9 July 2024
Unified Patent Court
Pan-European court hands down second infringement decision | Revokes patent Europe-wide after counterclaim | DexCom and Abbott dispute over technology for remotely monitoring blood glucose levels in diabetes patients.   9 July 2024