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From London to Amsterdam: what the EMA’s move means for medicines regulation

EU15-12-2017Rachel Bradley

While the impact of the European Medicines Agency’s relocation from London to Amsterdam is unknown, industry and government will try to ensure that the UK remains at the forefront of medicines regulation, says Rachel Bradley of Penningtons Manches.

LSIPR 50 2017: Leda Trivinos—Playing the long game


Thinking about how IP can assist a company long before it has fully developed is essential, says Leda Trivinos of Flagship Pioneering in an interview with LSIPR.

LSIPR 50 2017: James Topper—Venturing into biotech


Frazier Healthcare Partners has been responsible for creating and investing in multiple biotech companies, developing products from novel antibiotics to cancer therapies. James Topper, Frazier’s managing general partner, explains the firm’s philosophy.

LSIPR 50 2017: Carl Gordon—Realising great ideas


Major tasks for Carl Gordon of OrbiMed, a healthcare fund, include drug pricing and helping to turn promising ideas into reality, as he tells LSIPR.

LSIPR 50 2017: Arabella Cecil—No more hand to mouth


BACIT, a former fund of funds, has combined with life sciences investment company Syncona to form a new investment vehicle using the latter’s name. LSIPR speaks to Arabella Cecil, one of the co-founders of BACIT, about the new company’s vision.

LSIPR 50 2017: Thomas Kirkbak—Communication is key


Thomas Kirkbak, chief IP litigation specialist at Danish company Lundbeck, faces challenges on several fronts, as he explains to LSIPR.

LSIPR 50 2017: Lars Kellberg—The challenge of IPRs


In the current IP landscape it is wise to be prepared for attacks on important patents, as Lars Kellberg, corporate vice president and corporate patents of Novo Nordisk, explains to LSIPR.

LSIPR 50 2017: Stéphane Drouin—Innovation in a volatile climate


Pharmaceutical company UCB injects a significant amount of revenue into R&D, but it is mindful of the risks attached to drug investment. Global head of IP Stéphane Drouin explains more in an interview with LSIPR.

LSIPR 50 2017: Larry Coury—The art of successful litigation


Resolving complex legal disputes and explaining technical concepts in a courtroom are all part of the job for Regeneron’s Larry Coury, who talks to LSIPR about life as senior director of dispute resolution.

LSIPR 50 2017: Richard Henderson—Meet the hands-on scientist


Richard Henderson, an award-winning scientist based in Cambridge, UK, is seeking to make his next important discovery in the field of biological electron microscopy, as LSIPR finds out.

Showing 1 to 10 of 514 results