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Patent term compensation controversies in Mexico

Mexico28-11-2023Daniel Sanchez and Karla Olvera

An ambiguous decision by the Supreme Court has paved the way for frivolous petitions for compensation and clarity is needed, say Daniel Sanchez and Karla Olvera of Olivares.

How to patent biological materials from 3D printing

Brazil16-11-2023Priscila Kashiwabara and Breno Souza

Securing IP protection in Brazil for the ‘bio-ink’ used to print new human tissue has challenges but composition is key, say Priscila Kashiwabara and Breno Souza of Kasznar Leonardos.

Is the ITC the right venue for trade secrets theft?

US12-10-2023Mary Prendergast, Mark Whitaker and Nicole Ang

If the right steps are taken, the US International Trade Commission is an attractive option for firms fearing the loss of their valuable IP, say Mary Prendergast, Mark Whitaker and Nicole Ang of Morrison Foerster.

'Cellect': why patent term adjustment is ripe for review

US05-10-2023Vincent Shier

In part 2 of articles assessing the impact of 'Cellect v Samsung', Vincent Shier of Haynes Boone now sets out what the future may hold—both for this unusual case, as well as judicial doctrine in general.

Axonics v Medtronic: Fed Circ addresses PTAB ‘errors’

US17-08-2023Blair Jacobs

A recent precedential case highlights the thorny issue of what constitutes a fair response to new claim constructions following an institution, says Blair Jacobs of McKool Smith.

Navigating the rising wave against non-competes

US25-07-2023David Pardue, Patti Bartis and Sarah Hutchins

Amid criticism against restrictive covenants such as non-competes, what can life sciences firms do to keep their trade secrets safe and defend against unfair competition, ask David Pardue, Patti Bartis, and Sarah Hutchins of Parker Poe.

Issues with the patent linkage system in Mexico

Mexico09-07-2023Alejandro Luna and Luz Elena Elias

Certain problems with the patent opposition process need to be addressed in order to protect patent owners, say Alejandro Luna and Luz Elena Elias of Olivares.

Brazil: The patent combination conundrum

Brazil13-04-2023Lívia Figueiredo and Priscila Kashiwabara

It may not be straightforward but it is possible to obtain protection for valuable combination patents in Brazil, say Lívia Figueiredo and Priscila Kashiwabara of Kasznar Leonardos Intellectual Property.

Why the UPC will be rewarding for US businesses

EU, US04-04-2023Christopher Sharp, Sarah Taylor, Robert Greene Sterne and Nirav Desai

Pinsent Masons and Sterne, Kessler, Goldstein, & Fox consider why the Unified Patent Court, due to open on June 1, 2023, will make Europe a more attractive patent litigation venue for US businesses.

Amgen v Sanofi: Scotus grapples with enablement

US28-03-2023Muireann Bolger

As the US Supreme Court probed the key issue of enablement in Amgen v Sanofi, patent lawyers shared their views on the much-anticipated hearings.

Showing 1 to 10 of 338 results