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Amgen v Sanofi: Scotus grapples with enablement

US28-03-2023Muireann Bolger

As the US Supreme Court probed the key issue of enablement in Amgen v Sanofi, patent lawyers shared their takes on the much anticipated hearings.

Could Apple face an ITC import ban of its watches?

US17-01-2023Sarah Speight

With wearable health monitoring technology booming, Apple is facing several challenges to its smartwatch patents from medtech firms, and ITC investigations threatening import bans in the US. Sarah Speight reports.

Amgen v Sanofi: Big Pharma awaits SCOTUS decision

US15-12-2022Timothy Sendek

As patent attorneys look ahead to 2023's key rulings, Timothy Sendek of Akerman offers insights on the pending enablement case at the Supreme Court.

SurgiSil: Lip implant case shows looks can be deceiving

US03-03-2022Elizabeth Ferrill

A seemingly small decision by the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit could have a big impact on owners of design patents, explains Elizabeth Ferrill of Finnegan.

When alliances fail, is arbitration the answer?


The global pandemic has increased collaboration and a new wave of disputes is likely. Arbitration is well placed to help, argue Kate Davies McGill, Gaela Gehring Flores and Paul Keller of Allen & Overy

Psychedelics: from fungi and plants to patents

US30-09-2021Gretchen Temeles & Timothy Schlidt

With the significant growth of cannabinoid IP in the past few years, eyes are now on the emerging psychedelics market as the next frontier for IP protection. Gretchen Temeles of Hiller and Timothy Schlidt of Palo Santo Ventures discuss the issues.

Mexico: New hurdles for plant rights owners

Mexico23-09-2021Corina Silva

Mexico’s updated IP laws seek to avoid the patentability of plants obtained by essentially biological processes—creating issues for plant rights owners, explains Corina Silva of Uhthoff, Gómez Vega & Uhthoff.

Sovereign immunity: a venue-dependent protection

US06-04-2021Simon Roberts, Nitya Anand and Eric Wang

A recent University of Texas dispute perfectly illustrates the differing role sovereign immunity takes in proceedings at the Patent Trial and Appeal Board and district court, say Simon Roberts, Nitya Anand and Eric Wang of Hogan Lovells.

Texas Uni’s sovereign immunity fail went as expected

US04-03-2021Gary Frischling

The result of the sovereign immunity bid mirrored previous cases but we did learn something about the opinions of Justices on the issue, says Gary Frischling of Milbank.

The doctrine of equivalents in the medtech arena

US18-11-2020Christopher Bright and Nathan Smith

The role of the doctrine of equivalents in assessing the value of, and risks associated with, medtech patents is often overlooked. Christopher Bright and Nathan Smith of Morgan Lewis report.

Showing 1 to 10 of 329 results