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LSIPR 50 2017: Raj Panjabi


Raj Panjabi was selected in the LSIPR 50 2017 publication for his influence on the life sciences industry. He featured in the business and innovation section, as LSIPR reports.

The road ahead: potential challenges facing CRISPR/Cas patents

US09-11-2017Patricia Carson and Ashley Ross

Past successes by trailblazers in other biotechnological fields could assist potential patentees navigate legal bumps along the road to IP protection for CRISPR-related inventions, as Patricia Carson and Ashley Ross of Kirkland & Ellis describe.

Counterfeit drugs: protecting lives and IP

Brazil, Mexico01-11-2017

Fake pharmaceuticals not only harm innovators, they can have tragic consequences, and require a robust response from the authorities. LSIPR assesses how officials, particularly in South America, are responding to the threat.

The PTAB’s biggest test yet


With the PTAB facing questions over its authority and even constitutionality, life sciences companies seem to be faring well, at least compared to other industries, as LSIPR finds out.

Patent extension in Canada: Making up for lost time


Following the signing of a historic trade agreement with the EU, Canada now has a system of patent term extension. LSIPR considers the impact for pharmaceutical patentees.

Finding the right balance

US26-10-2017Sanchith Shivakumar

CRISPR offers ground-breaking opportunities for tackling diseases and genome defects, but its use must be carefully managed to avoid the obvious ethical problems that will arise, as Sanchith Shivakumar of Anand and Anand reports.

Fertile ground for innovators

Mexico26-10-2017Eder Gutiérrez

Owners of biotech inventions may find Mexico an attractive country in which to apply for patent protection because of its non-restrictive patent law and its practical approach to examination, as Eder Gutiérrez of Clarke Modet & Co outlines.

Searching for sequences: a high stakes game

US26-10-2017Ellen Sherin

Those working in the field of genetic sequence must clearly understand the subtleties of sequence searching, in order to avoid the risks of infringement and invalidity, as Ellen Sherin of GQ Life Sciences finds out.

Bridging the great divide

Brazil24-10-2017Samantha Salim and Kene Gallois

Samantha Salim and Kene Gallois of Daniel Legal & IP Strategy investigate how Brazil’s patent office and health regulatory agency are coping with the complicated examination of pharmaceutical patent applications.

A vitally important innovative tool

Brazil24-10-2017Gabriel Di Blasi

If biotech companies in Brazil understand that they can use both plant variety and patent protection in certain cases, their ability to innovate may improve, says Gabriel Di Blasi of Di Blasi, Parente & Associados.

Showing 121 to 130 of 323 results