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Best practices for patenting antibodies

08-06-2016Kene Gallois

There are several rules to watch out for when seeking patent protection for antibodies in Brazil, as Kene Gallois of Daniel Advogados reports.

Fighting like cats and dogs: protecting IP at Merial


Merial, which is well-known for making products that kill fleas and ticks on cats and dogs, faces a number of challenges on the IP front, as global head of IP Dr Judy Jarecki-Black, tells LSIPR.

Breathing life into patents

US07-06-2016MaryAnne Armstrong

Applicants wishing to extend their patents’ term of protection do not have to necessarily match up the wording of the claims and the label of the relevant drug for there to be infringement by an ANDA, as MaryAnne Armstrong of Birch, Stewart, Kolasch & Birch reports.

Biosimilars and biologics: the life sciences battleground


In an interview with LSIPR, Hans Sauer, deputy general counsel for intellectual property at the Biotechnology Innovation Organization, explains more about the big issues affecting it at the moment and how the trade association is responding.

TPP: the challenges ahead for Mexico

Mexico03-06-2016Iliana Ramirez Villaseñor

Mexico and other signatories to the TPP face a number of challenges on the IP front in implementing its reforms, as Iliana Ramirez Villaseñor of Leyva, Montenegro, Trigueros Abogados reports.

Raising the bar to patentability

US02-06-2016Porter Fleming and Jason Kanter

A pending case at the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit may give the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry important guidance on issues surrounding third-party contract manufacturing and the on-sale bar to patentability, as Porter Fleming and Jason Kanter of Frommer Lawrence & Haug report.

A nasty taste in the mouth


Pay-for-delay agreements, otherwise known as reverse settlements, stand at the intersection of intellectual property and competition law, but the clarity hoped for after Actavis has not yet arrived. LSIPR investigates.

Supreme review: will SCOTUS take on Amgen v Sandoz?


In 2015 the US Federal Circuit resolved the biosimilars case of Amgen v Sandoz. But the parties did not stop there, meaning the Supreme Court could potentially review it. LSIPR looks at the consequences of a possible review.

Novartis: opening the door to pharma research


A firm advocate of ‘open innovation’, Novartis is setting aside rivalries and working on a number of projects to ensure patients get the best treatments as quickly as possible. LSIPR spoke to Graham Stuart of the company about some of the work.

Solving the mystery of the patent dance

US26-05-2016Lisa Pensabene and Daniel O'Boyle

Each ‘patent dance’ dispute between biologics and biosimilars companies will present its own nuances in the process of solving the mystery, argue Lisa Pensabene and Daniel O'Boyle of O’Melveny & Myers.

Showing 201 to 210 of 338 results