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A bright future for AstraZeneca?

Sweden, UK, US03-11-2014

AstraZeneca has had a tough few years, with a clutch of patent expiries one of the most serious of its problems. So where does it go from here? To find out, LSIPR spoke to the Anglo-Swedish pharmaceutical company’s vice president of business development about the role IP is playing in its plans for future success.

TapImmune: tapping into innovative cancer treatments


In the competitive world of cancer treatment it’s becoming ever more important to stand out from the crowd. LSIPR speaks to TapImmune’s chief executive Glynn Wilson on why he thinks the company does.

An alliance for science


The Bay Area of California has one 
of the greatest concentrations of life 
sciences companies in the world, 
but its biotech community is being 
threatened by the seemingly 
unstoppable rise of large technology businesses. LSIPR spoke to Christopher Stewart, chair, and Robert Eyler, 
vice chair, of the new North Bay 
Life Science Alliance to find out 
how it plans to strengthen the network in the area.

LSIPR roundtable

UK, US30-09-2014

Earlier this month, the first LSIPR roundtable discussion took place in a London hotel, chaired by managing editor Martin Essex, with six invited experts and deputy editor 
Ed Conlon taking part. We’ll be publishing a special report on the event but, to whet your appetite, here’s how the discussion began—with a lively debate on the USPTO’s guidelines on patent-eligible subject matter in the wake of the Myriad and Mayo court decisions.

A hostile response to the USPTO’s guidelines


Sifting through the published comments on the USPTO’s Myriad/Mayo guidelines, LSIPR found them to be overwhelmingly negative.

BIO preview: a meeting of minds


More than 15,000 life sciences industry professionals will arrive in San Diego this month for the annual BIO International Convention. LSIPR looks at some of the most interesting sessions, and talks to a couple of speakers.

IP in Mexico: alternative remedies

Mexico20-06-2014José R. Trigueros

Acting against infringers can involve the pharmaceutical regulatory framework and civil law as well as following the more usual pathways, says José R. Trigueros.

New labelling requirements in Mexico

Mexico20-06-2014Daniel Sanchez and Victor Ramirez

Amended rules for food and drink packaging seek to ensure that people can easily identify the high calorific content of some of these products, as Daniel Sanchez and Victor Ramirez report.

Patent protection of amino acid and nucleic acid sequences

Brazil20-06-2014Marisa Moura Momoli

The rate of development in the biotech sector means revisions to the patent guidelines are more needed than ever, says Marisa Moura Momoli.

Biotechnology drugs: threats and opportunities

Brazil20-06-2014Hector E. Chagoya

The patent regulatory framework in Mexico needs to evolve if the investment in, and marketing of, promising biotechnology drug products is to succeed, says Hector E. Chagoya.

Showing 261 to 270 of 319 results