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Double patenting: expiry dates hold the key

US20-06-2014MaryAnne Armstrong

Obviousness-type double patenting is a serious consideration that patent owners should keep in mind during the examination of an application or in performing due diligence on a patent portfolio, says MaryAnne Armstrong.

Patent term: proceed with caution

US20-06-2014Gaby L. Longsworth and Eric K. Steffe

The effect of obviousness-type double patenting on patent term extension and patent term adjustment in the biotech and pharma industry needs careful consideration, as Gaby L. Longsworth and Eric K. Steffe report.

Subject matter eligibility: interpreting the USPTO guidelines

US30-05-2014Courtenay C. Brinckerhoff

The new examination guidelines do not carry the weight of law, and it is not likely that their more extreme aspects will withstand judicial scrutiny, but practitioners need to keep tabs on court decisions, says Courtenay C. Brinckerhoff.

Dolly the sheep: the demise of biotechnology patents

US30-05-2014Nabeela Rasheed

With the Federal Circuit relying on the precedent set by the Prometheus and Myriad decisions, Dolly the sheep has been summarily declared ineligible for patent protection. Nabeela Rasheed sums up the implications.

Protecting biomarkers and personalised/stratified medicine

EU, US30-04-2014Stephanie Pilkington

With careful patent drafting and prosecution, it is possible to capture significant IP value in the clinically—and commercially—important area of biomarkers, says Stephanie Pilkington of Potter Clarkson.

Myriad v Ambry: the BRCA battle continues

US31-03-2014MaryAnne Armstrong

Myriad has failed to stop Ambry offering genetic tests using the BRCA1 or BRCA2 genes, but Ambry raised a substantial question about the validity of the claims of Myriad’s patents, as MaryAnne Armstrong reports.

Combating cancer: Apexigen and rabbit antibodies


Apexigen uses antibodies derived from rabbits to develop therapies for diseases that are difficult to treat. LSIPR found out how it protects its novel technologies.

Burden of proof: US Supreme Court backs licensees

US19-02-2014Matthew Nielsen

The US Supreme Court has again reversed a Federal Circuit decision, this time over burden of proof, says Matthew Nielsen.

Aiming high: Canadian biotech


In a global league, Canada’s biotech industry would be respectably mid table. LSIPR talks to Andrew Casey, president of industry association BIOTECanada, about how the organisation is trying to take it to the next level.

Cellular Dynamics: cells to order


Stem cells are seen by many as the great hope for medical research in the years to come. LSIPR spoke to Nicholas Seay, chief technology officer at Cellular Dynamics, about the importance of IP in this field.

Showing 271 to 280 of 319 results