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Waiving goodbye to SPC rights

EU01-03-2016Gareth Morgan

The European Commission is considering whether ‘export waivers’ should be introduced in order to partly relax the rules on supplementary protection certificates. Gareth Morgan of Olswang explains more.

Muddied waters: the CRISPR IP landscape in Europe

EU18-02-2016Catherine Coombes

The IP landscape in Europe for the CRISPR gene-editing technology is very murky, making it difficult for potential licensees, says Catherine Coombes of HGF.

From cradle to grave: pharma drug drive in the NHS


Patient choice is at the heart of plans in the UK to expedite access to pharma-branded medicines in the NHS, but how will innovator companies be affected? LSIPR reports.

Uncertainties in the SPC field

EU04-02-2016Sam Bailey

The Pharmaq v Intervet SPC decision leaves open the question of just how similar to the authorised active ingredient an infringing generic product needs to be. Sam Bailey of Mewburn Ellis reports.

The unitary patent system: are SPCs next?

EU14-01-2016Andrew Webb and Graham Lewis

A unitary supplementary protection certificate looks like a logical and desirable extension of the unitary patent system, and right owners and practitioners need to keep an eye on developments in EU regulation, as Andrew Webb and Graham Lewis of J A Kemp describe.

Healthy farms, healthy planet

International11-01-2016Graham Dutfield

Intellectual property rights should be used to help valorise agricultural biodiversity and traditional knowledge for the benefit of the global population as well as small farming communities around the world, says Graham Dutfield of the University of Leeds.

A state of grace

Germany05-01-2016Michael Kahnert

A grace period would give German inventors more flexibility to deal with different rules set by scientific publications and patenting procedures, and allow them to seek patent rights without the fear of prior disclosure, as Michael Kahnert of BIO Deutschland reports.

Divide and destroy: an overview of poisonous divisionals

EU17-12-2015Ashley Roughton

The complex rules around the filing of divisional applications relating to priority of patent claims are designed to maintain the integrity of the first-to-file system, as Ashley Roughton of Nabarro explains.

Managing SPCs under the unitary patent system

EU10-12-2015Christopher Stothers and Paul Abbott

The application of supplementary protection certificates to the unitary patent system poses numerous complexities, both legal and practical, as Christopher Stothers and Paul Abbott of Arnold & Porter describe.

The IP fallout if the UK leaves the EU

EU, UK03-12-2015Victoria Bentley and Helen Cline

The unitary patent and UPC would still go ahead, but what would be the impact for the life sciences sector if the UK voted to leave the EU? Victoria Bentley and Helen Cline of Pinsent Masons investigate.

Showing 151 to 160 of 274 results