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IPR and biopharma patents: what the statistics show

International26-11-2015Melissa Gibson and Ruben Munoz

Fewer IPR petitions are instituted against biotech and pharma patents, and there is a higher survival rate of instituted claims in final written decisions compared to all technical fields combined. Melissa Gibson and Ruben Munoz of Akin Gump analyse the statistics.

CRISPR: the shifting sands of patentability

EU12-11-2015Duncan Ribbons and Maeve Lynch

The patentability of any claims directed to the use of CRISPR technology in human embryo-like structures and human reproductive cells is far from certain, as Duncan Ribbons and Maeve Lynch of Redd explain.

Are the Broad Institute’s CRISPR patents too broad?

EU29-10-2015Philip Webber

Philip Webber, partner at Dehns Patent & Trademark Attorneys, looks at the clarity of the language used in the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard’s granted European patents for the CRISPR technology and questions whether it satisfies the European Patent Office’s requirements.

Teva: Seeing both sides of the coin


Being both an innovator and a generic drug company gives Teva a good view of the patent litigation landscape, as Galit Gonen, general counsel, Teva Europe, tells LSIPR.

Animal patents: Blurring the lines

EU, US27-10-2015

Patent examiners not only have to tackle legal questions, but in cases of inventions directed to genetically modified animals they must consider moral issues too. This forms part of a wider controversial debate surrounding animals and patents. LSIPR reports.

Pharma patents: Growing pains for second medical use inventions

EU, UK27-10-2015Steve Smith

UK court decisions in Warner-Lambert v Actavis seek to define second medical use patent rights, and the recent full trial ruling provides some early guidance on the ‘reasonable foreseeability’ test concerning patent use, says Steve Smith of Potter Clarkson.

BIA: positive messages for life sciences

UK22-10-2015Jane Wainwright

The life sciences sector in the UK is booming, as delegates at October’s BIA forum heard. Jane Wainwright of Potter Clarkson reports.

A sledgehammer to crack a nut

Netherlands15-10-2015Annemiek Verkamman

The Dutch lobby to amend Directive 98/44/EC on the legal protection of biotechnological inventions will severely damage the ability of the biotech sector to innovate—and for no tangible reason, says Annemiek Verkamman of HollandBIO.

A clearer picture for SPCs?

EU08-10-2015Natalia Wegner-Cribbs and Daniel Wise

The CJEU’s decision on how an SPC term is to be determined is likely to be welcomed by applicants and owners, but the court has left them to work out how to apply the ruling, say Natalia Wegner-Cribbs and Daniel Wise of Carpmaels & Ransford.

SPCs should start once authorisation is broadcast, says AG

Austria, EU02-10-2015

Supplementary protection certificates should take effect once an applicant for marketing authorisation has been notified of the authorisation, an advocate-general has urged the Court of Justice of the European Union to confirm.

Showing 161 to 170 of 274 results