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The role of the UPC

EU27-08-2015Paul England and Christof Höhne

The competence in various areas of the new Unified Patent Court is a matter of conjecture, as Paul England and Christof Höhne of law firm Taylor Wessing report.

Patent portfolios: maximise the value and minimise the cost

UK06-08-2015Bruno Reynolds

Proactively managing patent portfolios is an investment that pays for itself in reduced patent costs. Bruno Reynolds, who works at the consultancy arm of Isis Innovation, the technology transfer company of the University of Oxford, explains more.

Post-Selex: the EPO’s approach

EU09-07-2015Richard Clegg

Twenty-five years ago Tuerk and Gold reported the Selex method. Richard Clegg of Mewburn Ellis discusses some of the challenges at the EPO today when attempting to obtain adequate class-level protection for functionally defined molecules.

Exploit and protect

Brazil02-07-2015Gabriel Di Blasi

The Brazilian government has passed a new law which will promote the development of products based on the country’s rich biodiversity. Gabriel Di Blasi of Di Blasi, Parente & Associados discusses the implications for companies, researchers and traditional knowledge holders.

The devil in the judicial detail

International25-06-2015Paul England

The judiciary system for the new Unified Patent Court has been the subject of much discussion. As part of a regular column, Paul England, senior associate at law firm Taylor Wessing and who chaired a recent discussion between a panel of experts, examines the issue.

Right drug for the right patient

International, UK18-06-2015Stephen Smith

The question of whether using a known drug for treating a known disease, but in a distinct sub-population of patients, can constitute a patentable new invention is key to the development of personalised medicine, says Stephen Smith of Potter Clarkson.

Plant patentability: The scope of exclusion provisions

EU16-06-2015Albrecht von Menges

The Enlarged Board of Appeal of the European Patent Office has issued the second decisions in the so-called Broccoli and Tomato cases. Albrecht von Menges of Uexküll & Stolberg examines the decisions and their implications.

SPCs: The semantics of protection

International16-06-2015Michael Pears

Despite the SPC Regulation having been in existence for decades, applicants are still left to navigate uncertain waters on issues of fundamental importance when it comes to ‘combination’ therapies, as Michael Pears of Potter Clarkson reports.

Life Sciences Law Forum: a sneak preview


This year’s Life Sciences Law Forum is taking place on June 25 in London. LSIPR caught up with the conference’s chair James Horgan, of Merck Sharp & Dohme, and GlaxoSmithKline counsel Anthony Kenny to find out what’s keeping them busy and what they’ll discuss on the day.

TPP: Coming into line


As far we know, the IP chapter in the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement contains provisions on modernising plant breeders’ rights, but not all the participating countries are currently on the same page, as LSIPR reports.

Showing 181 to 190 of 274 results