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Stem cells: A germ of comfort

EU03-03-2015Laura von Hertzen and Robert Burrows

The patentability of human embryonic stem cells is bound up with many ethical considerations, including the viability of the cells used. Laura von Hertzen and Robert Burrows of Bristows discuss the latest legal opinions.

New recipes for Tomatoes and Broccoli


Controversial patents covering a fruit and a vegetable are awaiting their fate at the Enlarged Board of Appeal. LSIPR examines the likelihood of their succeeding.

Momentum building for the UPC

EU, France, Germany, UK19-02-2015Paul England

The unitary patent and Unified Patent Court will have wide-ranging implications for life sciences companies. In the first of what will be a regular column on the topics by law firm Taylor Wessing, Paul England explores current developments on issues such as costs and judges.

SPCs: Questions of validity

EU, UK19-02-2015Michael Pitzner-Bruun

The tussle between Teva and Amgen over the latter’s SPC for lipegfilgrastim is still playing out in Denmark’s IP court and may yet be referred to the CJEU. Michael Pitzner-Bruun of law firm Kromann Reumert reports.

The bitter pill of fake medicine


The most recent Illicit Trade Report states that pharmaceuticals are by far the most numerous counterfeit commodity reported, and the problem is increasing. LSIPR investigates what’s being done about it.

Global patents: innovation leads to growth

International30-01-2015Bob Stembridge

Despite the headwinds facing the industry, a growing number of leading pharmaceutical companies feature on Thomson Reuters’ annual Top 100 Global Innovators list, as Bob Stembridge reports.

Repurposed drugs: second time lucky

EU19-12-2014Simon Kremer and Rachel Jones

Bringing a ‘repurposed’ drug to market requires a clear patent strategy, but clarity is unfortunately lacking in this field, say Simon Kremer and Rachel Jones of law firm Mewburn Ellis.

Marketing authorisation: the right to challenge

EU19-12-2014Trevor Cook

A decision by the CJEU on a Latvian case should make it easier in the future to challenge an MA granted for a generic version of a reference product, as Trevor Cook of WilmerHale explains.

University of Manchester IP: walk the line

UK, US28-11-2014

By facilitating public access to the work being done, universities face the challenge of maintaining a balance between being transparent and commercialising IP. LSIPR spoke to the head of the University of Manchester IP about walking the fine line.

IPEC: the right forum for life sciences?

UK27-11-2014Mark Didmon and Simon Curtis

The UK Intellectual Property Enterprise Court offers a quick and cheap way to resolve IP disputes, but very few have involved life sciences inventions. Mark Didmon and Simon Curtis of Potter Clarkson ask whether IPEC is an appropriate forum for handling these types of patent disputes.

Showing 201 to 210 of 274 results