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Tomato and Broccoli: patenting plant products

EU, Germany27-11-2014Franz-Josef Zimmer and Markus Grammel

The EPO’s Enlarged Board of Appeal is about to deliver its long-awaited final decision on the patentability of plants, in the hope that it will at least bring legal certainty to patentees and unfreeze pending appeals. Franz-Josef Zimmer and Markus Grammel of Grünecker report.

Clinical trial data: a culture of transparency


A new EU policy will require pharmaceutical companies to provide clinical trial data when seeking marketing approval for their drugs. But how will they ensure adequate IP protection while embracing the new culture of transparency? LSIPR reports.

Patent protection for microorganisms

EU04-11-2014Peter ten Haaft

Depositing a microorganism in a country may be crucial for obtaining a method patent in that jurisdiction, but can come with its pitfalls, says Peter ten Haaft.

Patenting Parthenotes

EU04-11-2014Franz-Josef Zimmer and Markus Grammel

Earlier this year, the Advocate General of 
the CJEU opined that stem cells from parthenotes are patentable. Franz-Josef Zimmer and Markus Grammel examine the reasoning behind his opinion.

The Nagoya Protocol and what it means for the EU

EU, Japan03-11-2014Richard Bassett and Richard Wells

Richard Bassett and Richard Wells look at what EU-based companies must consider in order to comply with the Nagoya Protocol, the regulation aimed at curbing biopiracy.

The perils of clinical trials: confidentiality and infringement

EU, UK03-11-2014Dennis Waller

Dennis Waller discusses how differing interpretations of the Bolar exemption may affect clinical trials in the UK.

companies v AstraZeneca

UK, US03-11-2014Jason Rutt

Jason Rutt considers the impact AstraZeneca’s recent US pay-for-delay case will have on the industry.

A bright future for AstraZeneca?

Sweden, UK, US03-11-2014

AstraZeneca has had a tough few years, with a clutch of patent expiries one of the most serious of its problems. So where does it go from here? To find out, LSIPR spoke to the Anglo-Swedish pharmaceutical company’s vice president of business development about the role IP is playing in its plans for future success.

HGS: where are we now with SPCs?

EU29-10-2014Ashley Roughton

Should it be possible for a drug maker to stop the owner of a patented ingredient from obtaining an SPC? Ashley Roughton examines the CJEU’s opinion on Eli Lilly v HGS.

LSIPR roundtable

UK, US30-09-2014

Earlier this month, the first LSIPR roundtable discussion took place in a London hotel, chaired by managing editor Martin Essex, with six invited experts and deputy editor 
Ed Conlon taking part. We’ll be publishing a special report on the event but, to whet your appetite, here’s how the discussion began—with a lively debate on the USPTO’s guidelines on patent-eligible subject matter in the wake of the Myriad and Mayo court decisions.

Showing 211 to 220 of 274 results