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Patenting stem cells: filing date is the key

EU07-07-2014Joachim Wachenfeld

The EPO generally accepts applications relating to human embryonic stem cells with an effective date after 2008 but discussions about eligibility continue, says Joachim Wachenfeld.

Not just for medicaments: broadening horizons in Europe

EU20-06-2014Andrew Wright and Tom Harding

Andrew Wright and Tom Harding investigate how a decision by the EPO’s Board of Appeal may extend the opportunities for protection by second medical use claims.

Tough times continue for stem cell patents

EU20-06-2014Franz-Josef Zimmer and Markus Grammel

The exclusion from patentability of certain cells derived from human embryos is a reflection of the EPO’s increasingly restrictive stance, say Franz-Josef Zimmer and Markus Grammel.

Imanova: investing in know-how


London-based imaging company Imanova develops ‘imaging biomarkers’ to support the business of drug discovery, and takes a novel approach to protecting its innovations. LSIPR spoke to chief executive Kevin Cox about the company’s strategy.

MedCity: forging links in London’s life sciences industry


London’s MedCity is working to boost collaboration between businesses in the area and invigorate the UK’s so-called ‘golden triangle’ life sciences cluster, with its three major centres in London, Oxford and Cambridge. LSIPR heard from Eliot Forster, who chairs MedCity, about the initiative.

Protecting biomarkers and personalised/stratified medicine

EU, US30-04-2014Stephanie Pilkington

With careful patent drafting and prosecution, it is possible to capture significant IP value in the clinically—and commercially—important area of biomarkers, says Stephanie Pilkington of Potter Clarkson.

Patients in a test tube: Horizon Discovery's IP strategy


Horizon Discovery’s cell line-creating technology has the potential to advance personalised medicine. But how does the gene editing company stay competitive in a crowded field? LSIPR found out.

SPCs: the simplest issue is in doubt

EU28-02-2014Paul England

Recent CJEU decisions on SPCs have brought little clarity to the meaning of ‘product’, and a recent Advocate General opinion in Bayer CropScience AG threatens to muddy the waters even further, says Paul England.

The Bolar exemption: the question of third parties

EU, Germany28-02-2014Bernd Allekotte

A new referral to the CJEU should shed light on the extent of the so-called Bolar exemption in Europe, says Bernd Allekotte.

SPCs: a call for clarity


The CJEU has delivered its judgment in three SPC cases, in an attempt to address fundamental issues in the SPC Regulation, as well as uncertainties arising from earlier rulings. Although questions have been answered, others have been raised, say David Carling and Michael Pears.

Showing 221 to 230 of 274 results