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The priority trap: new disclosure requirements in Germany


A German Federal Court decision has given patent applicants in the life sciences field plenty to think about, as Wolfgang Bublak and Axel Berger explain.

Big player: the Bavarian biotech cluster


With a track record of successful innovation, Munich is one of the leading lights of European biotech. LSIPR went to visit.

AIPPI 2013: Pharmaceutical products and the trademark hiccup


The annual International Association for the Protection of IP (AIPPI) conference in Helsinki, Finland, assessed the potential problems for pharmaceutical companies trying to brand their medicinal products.

EPO decision could trip up US patent defenders


A decision from an opposition division of the European Patent Office may have “far-reaching consequences” for US patent holders, Solveig Moré tells LSIPR.

Keeping secrets: protecting the smallpox vaccine


Danish firm Bavarian Nordic has a portfolio of patents for vaccines and cancer treatments, but likes to keep some of its cards close to its chest, as LSIPR finds out.

Accelerating and decelerating patent prosecution in Europe and the UK

EU, UK31-07-2013Matt Smith and Jonathan Wills

At some offices, the passage of a patent through the system is not quite as fast as applicants might hope—and at others it may be quicker than they would like. Matt Smith and Jonathan Wills outline the situation.

Quality control: biotech at the EPO


The European Patent Office grants approximately 6,000 biotechnology patents per year. LSIPR spoke to Victor Kaas, director of biotechnology at the office, about how it faces the unique challenges of the industry.

Personalised medicine: patenting new drugs from old

28-06-2013Paul England

The law of patents and SPCs has yet to be tested in the context of medicines which can be used to treat specific groups of patients, as Paul England explains.

A new approach to cancer target screening


BerGenBio’s ‘ask the cell’ technology could potentially change cancer treatment as we know it. With an expanding patent portfolio and library of trade secrets behind it, what challenges does the startup biotech company face in bringing its first drugs to market?

Self-collision of European patent filings: an accident waiting to happen?

EU31-05-2013Jane Wainwright

The definition of what constitutes a co-pending patent filing in Europe has recently been rewritten to include patent applications from within the same patent family. Jane Wainwright of Potter Clarkson investigates the decisions leading to this change.

Showing 241 to 250 of 272 results