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LSIPR 50 2017: Jörg Thomaier


Jörg Thomaier was selected in the LSIPR 50 2017 publication for​ ​his influence on the life sciences industry. He featured in the legal section, as LSIPR reports.

Case report: diagnostics in Germany

Germany09-11-2017Joachim Wachenfeld

In September 2016, the German Federal Supreme Court decided a patent case that could have a major impact on companies working in the diagnostics field. Joachim Wachenfeld of Vossius & Partner reports.

Raising the plausibility bar

EU26-10-2017David Carling and Richard Wells

Patent applicants have long wrestled with the question of how much experimental evidence to include in a new patent application. David Carling and Richard Wells of Potter Clarkson examine the issue in Europe.

Plausibility: How much information is enough?

EU24-10-2017Iain Armstrong

Patentees should ensure their applications meet the plausibility standard right from the start, says Iain Armstrong of HGF, who investigates one of the developing challenges facing patentability in the life sciences field.

After Brexit: new directions for clinical trials

UK10-10-2017Rachel Bradley

If the UK government changes the rules for clinical trials after Brexit, the regimes in the UK and the EU will diverge and possibly make trials more complex and costly, as Rachel Bradley of Penningtons Manches reports.

The innovation paradox: why complex drug research is not being rewarded

EU, US12-07-2017

The patent system in the US and the EU is not rewarding complex research into treatments for a host of prevalent diseases and conditions, and reforms are going in the wrong direction, says Erika Lietzan of the University of Missouri School of Law.

Precision medicine: getting patenting spot on

US12-07-2017Sheena Linehan

Precision medicine has come a long way since the completion of the Human Genome Project in 2003, but how have IP regimes developed in this area, asks Sheena Linehan of Potter Clarkson.

GQ Life Sciences: searching for sequence IP


The products made by GQ Life Sciences, based in Boston, make IP-related sequence searching easier for scientists, patent searchers and practitioners, as senior product manager Ellen Sherin tells LSIPR.

The quest for clarity continues

EU, UK05-07-2017Michael Pears and Joel Beevers

The English High Court is seeking answers from the CJEU on aspects of the EU’s regulation on supplementary protection certificates, but it’s possible questions will remain following the rulings. Michael Pears and Joel Beevers of Potter Clarkson report.

Enhanced damages: takeaways post-Halo


Almost one year after the US Supreme Court’s Halo decision, companies should consider a handful of best practices to reduce the risk of paying enhanced damages for wilful patent infringement, as Lynde Herzbach of Birch Stewart Kolasch Birch reports.

Showing 71 to 80 of 267 results