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Advertising in Mexico: it pays to check your copy


An advice system for labelling products in Mexico has been extended to food and non-alcoholic beverages. Daniel Sanchez and Victor Ramirez of Olivares report on how the regime works in practice.

CRISPR in Europe: priority becomes just that at the EPO


The formal requirements for priority have become a hot topic at the European Patent Office, driven by their importance in high-profile oppositions to the Broad Institute’s CRISPR/Cas9 patents, as Catherine Coombes of HGF explains.

New framework for Spanish patentees


Spain’s new patent law came into force on April 1, and it contains a few measures which will affect pharmaceutical companies, says Dámaso Gallardo of Clarke Modet & Co.

IP strategy: when sharing is caring

Germany, International22-06-2017

Collaboration and sharing are important goals for Bayer in seeking to protect innovations with IP rights, as Richard Rees explains in an interview with LSIPR.

Bated breath: awaiting the Amgen v Sandoz verdict


With the US Supreme Court set to decide the biosimilars dispute between Amgen and Sandoz, LSIPR examines the possible outcomes and implications for those in the industry.

Medical devices new rules: the clock is ticking

EU13-06-2017Jo Emmett

A new EU regulation on implantable medical devices takes steps to acknowledge that patient outcomes and safety are primary goals, but the transition to the new system might not be easy for industry stakeholders, says Jo Emmett of Premier Research.

Plants, patents and political challenges

EU04-04-2017Jane Wainwright

European developments surrounding the patentability of plants and animals have become rather political, but there are ways for patentees to mitigate the effects of political influence over the patenting process, writes Jane Wainwright of Potter Clarkson.

Biosimilars in Italy: a new regime

Italy10-01-2017Luca Tosoni

Several changes have been made to Italy’s regulatory landscape for biosimilars, as Luca Tosoni of Covington & Burling reports.

The pitfalls of second medical use patents

UK03-01-2017Geoff Hussey and Christopher Burnett

It appears necessary and perhaps inevitable that further guidance from the UK Court of Appeal will be provided on the issue of second medical use patents, following the high-profile dispute between Warner-Lambert and Actavis. Geoff Hussey and Christopher Burnett of AA Thornton & Co report.

The challenges of patenting cell therapies

International22-12-2016Glyn Truscott

A combination of patents, SPCs and regulatory exclusivities should be considered carefully in order to maximise the exclusivity available for cell therapies, as Glyn Truscott of Elkington + Fife explains.

Showing 81 to 90 of 267 results