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From the EU to Australia: latest SPC developments

Australia, EU07-07-2016Gareth Morgan

Legislative developments surrounding supplementary protection certificates in the EU are moving fast, and may be catching on as far afield as Australia. Gareth Morgan of Olswang explains more.

Clinical trials in Costa Rica: protecting patient privacy

Costa Rica10-06-2016María del Pilar López and Esteban Monge

There are clear rules on the use of patient data in clinical trials in Costa Rica, as well as sanctions for any breaches, explain María del Pilar López and Esteban Monge of Zürcher Lawyers.

Brighter future for natural resources

Brazil09-06-2016Andrea Granthon and Tatiana Schuenck

The system governing access to genetic resources in Brazil has been strengthened by a recent legal update, explain Andrea Granthon and Tatiana Schuenck of Luiz Leonardos & Advogados.

Zika vaccine: first bragging rights for India?

India08-06-2016Lucy Rana

An Indian company is working on two approaches to creating a vaccine for the Zika virus, while several trademark applications have been filed for the term. Lucy Rana of SS Rana reports.

Patent analysis: CRISPR technology in India

India, US19-05-2016Hemant Singh

It is likely that many patent applications directed to CRISPR technology will be filed in India, says Hemant Singh of Inttl Advocare, who analyses some of the early applications and the rules on patentability.

What the future holds for second medical use patents

International28-04-2016Charlotte Weekes and Tamsin Cornwell

Ahead of the English Court of Appeal’s hearing in May in the Warner-Lambert case on second medical use patents, Charlotte Weekes and Tamsin Cornwell of Pinsent Masons examine some of the unanswered questions.

Avoiding the Actavis SPC trap

International09-03-2016David Carling and Michael Pears

The UK Intellectual Property Office has issued a favourable decision on an SPC for an “innovative” combination product. David Carling and Michael Pears of Potter Clarkson explain the reasoning and examine its implications.

Second medical use patents: why generics are in the dark

International03-03-2016Deborah Hart

Despite several UK court decisions centring on second medical use patents, there are no foolproof ways for generic manufacturers to avoid infringement, as Deborah Hart of Kilburn & Strode explains.

Healthy farms, healthy planet

International11-01-2016Graham Dutfield

Intellectual property rights should be used to help valorise agricultural biodiversity and traditional knowledge for the benefit of the global population as well as small farming communities around the world, says Graham Dutfield of the University of Leeds.

IPR and biopharma patents: what the statistics show

International26-11-2015Melissa Gibson and Ruben Munoz

Fewer IPR petitions are instituted against biotech and pharma patents, and there is a higher survival rate of instituted claims in final written decisions compared to all technical fields combined. Melissa Gibson and Ruben Munoz of Akin Gump analyse the statistics.

Showing 11 to 20 of 42 results