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Compulsory licences: Working in the public interest

India27-10-2015Neeti Wilson

Parties can apply for a compulsory licence in India on several grounds, including that the invention is not worked in the country. Neeti Wilson of Anand and Anand explores the issue further.

Traditional knowledge: Protecting age-old practices


Despite the importance of traditional knowledge in many regions, an international treaty governing its control and exploitation does not exist yet—and talks have stalled. LSIPR reports.

Patent eligibility in Australia: the winding road ahead

Australia22-10-2015Tania Obranovich

As well as much other debate, the High Court’s decision in D’Arcy v Myriad Genetics has created uncertainty in terms of the patent eligibility of naturally occurring molecules other than DNA, says Tania Obranovich, special counsel at Watermark Intellectual Asset Management.

Don’t hit the panic button

Australia15-10-2015Grant Shoebridge

The High Court of Australia’s decision in Myriad has led some observers to hit the panic button and demand immediate legislative change, but only isolated naturally-occurring genes are affected and the ruling should be read in that light, says Grant Shoebridge of Shelston IP.

Interpol: clamping down on pharma crime

International01-10-2015Aline Plançon

The international police organisation Interpol plays a vital role in connecting law enforcement and health authorities around the world in the fight against pharmaceutical crime. Aline Plançon reports.

Under pressure: India’s progressive IP policies

India, International09-07-2015Yuanqiong Hu

India’s progressive IP policies—and its status as ‘pharmacy of the developing world’ and lifeline for millions of people—are now under threat from many fronts. Yuanqiong Hu, IP advisor for Médecins Sans Frontières’s Access Campaign, explains more.

The devil in the judicial detail

International25-06-2015Paul England

The judiciary system for the new Unified Patent Court has been the subject of much discussion. As part of a regular column, Paul England, senior associate at law firm Taylor Wessing and who chaired a recent discussion between a panel of experts, examines the issue.

Tackling India's patent delays

India16-06-2015Pravin Anand

Two writ petitions to the Delhi High Court have resulted in the formation of a committee tasked with devising approaches to promote expedited examination at the Indian Patent Office, as Pravin Anand of Anand and Anand reports.

SPCs: The semantics of protection

International16-06-2015Michael Pears

Despite the SPC Regulation having been in existence for decades, applicants are still left to navigate uncertain waters on issues of fundamental importance when it comes to ‘combination’ therapies, as Michael Pears of Potter Clarkson reports.

TPP: Coming into line


As far we know, the IP chapter in the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement contains provisions on modernising plant breeders’ rights, but not all the participating countries are currently on the same page, as LSIPR reports.

Showing 51 to 60 of 88 results