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Gilead: Treating the seven million


Pharma company Gilead has been in the headlines since it launched its blockbuster drug Sovaldi with a hefty price tag. Less reported, however, are its numerous patent licensing deals that ensure wider access to medicines in the developing world. LSIPR spoke to Christina Carlson, senior counsel at Gilead Sciences, to find out more.

What the TPP would mean for patent law in Vietnam

Vietnam28-05-2015Tran Manh Hung and Bui Phuong

If the proposals for the TPP trade agreement are accepted, a significant change in the patent law and practice of Vietnam would follow, as Tran Manh Hung and Bui Phuong of BMVN describe.

Preview: Practical Law’s Life Sciences Forum

International, UK12-05-2015

LSIPR takes a look at what the Practical Law Life Sciences Forum, due to take place on June 25, has to offer.

Data exclusivity in India: a new tool for innovators?


As India appears to forge closer trade relations with the US, will the country introduce a data exclusivity legal provision and what impact would this have? LSIPR investigates.

India focus: Better protection for big pharma?


The battle between pharmaceutical and generics companies in India is once again in the spotlight, with a decision pending on another compulsory licence. The players this time are Novartis and Cipla, with the former already having drawn first blood. LSIPR investigates.

The bitter pill of fake medicine


The most recent Illicit Trade Report states that pharmaceuticals are by far the most numerous counterfeit commodity reported, and the problem is increasing. LSIPR investigates what’s being done about it.

Global patents: innovation leads to growth

International30-01-2015Bob Stembridge

Despite the headwinds facing the industry, a growing number of leading pharmaceutical companies feature on Thomson Reuters’ annual Top 100 Global Innovators list, as Bob Stembridge reports.

Challenges to the patenting of “essentially biological processes” in India

India29-10-2014Swarup Kumar and Shivaarti Bajaj

A recent decision from the IPAB on the patent eligibility of biological processes could change the biotech playing field in India, say Swarup Kumar and Shivaarti Bajaj.

Indian patent law: a new direction

India20-06-2014Archana Shanker

Recent decisions suggest that the Indian system seems to be changing direction towards developing sound patent law jurisprudence, says Archana Shanker.

Indian patent law: up for a fight

India30-04-2014Jason Rutt

International damage may result from India’s steps to formalise its isolationist patents regime, says Jason Rutt.

Showing 61 to 70 of 88 results