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The Copaxone battle: an update

India30-04-2014Archana Shanker

Arguments over the term of the patents granted are at the heart of the Copaxone conflict, says Archana Shanker.

Virtual organs: cutting drug development risks


Strand Life Sciences’ ‘virtual’ liver could cut the failure rate of drug development by giving researchers a clearer idea which of the potential drugs are unlikely to work. How does the Bangalore-based company protect and license its technology?

Beyond patent enforcement: the Herceptin phoenix

India28-02-2014Debashish Banerjee and Shukadev Khuraijam

While Western pharmaceutical companies struggle to enforce their IP rights in India, Roche has taken an unorthodox but surprisingly effective stance, as Debashish Banerjee and Shukadev Khuraijam explain.

The Glivec case: getting beyond efficacy

India19-02-2014Jitesh Kumar

The Indian Supreme Court has failed to provide the clarity which is craved by practitioners in its latest pronouncement on the controversial Section 3(d), says Jitesh Kumar.

Adapt or die: how to survive the patent cliff

India, US16-10-2013

Many of the world’s biggest selling drugs have lost exclusivity in recent years, presenting huge opportunities for generic drugs companies but, as LSIPR finds out, it doesn’t have to be a dead end for the innovators.

A giant's perspective: interview with Bayer

Germany, India16-10-2013

LSIPR spoke to Jörg Thomaier, chief IP counsel at Bayer, about the state of protection in emerging jurisdictions and the challenges the global company faces in asserting its IP across the world.

Biopharmaceuticals: can India have its cake and eat it?


There has been much debate about whether there is a global deterioration of IP, and many commentators would suggest that India is leading the charge. Andrew Jenner and Ernest Kawka reflect on the experiences of innovative biopharmaceutical companies in India.

A global approach: Novo Nordisk's IP strategy


While the global trend is towards a “more hostile IP environment” for pharmaceutical companies, Danish healthcare giant Novo Nordisk A/S continues to perform. LSIPR talks to Lars Kellberg, corporate vice president, about how it meets the challenges.

India: a threat to an industry or just misunderstood?


To read much of the reaction to recent pharmaceutical rulings in India, you might think that the country is waging a war against Western innovation. But while there is certainly cause for concern, that’s not the whole story, as LSIPR finds out.

Russia v Eurasia: national and regional differences in patentability

Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russia01-04-2013Maria Nilova and Elena Tsvetkova

There are important differences between the Russian and Eurasian procedures in obtaining a patent, especially for inventions in the field of life sciences, as Maria Nilova and Elena Tsvetkova explain.

Showing 71 to 80 of 88 results