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Patent protection of traditional knowledge and biological material

India01-04-2013Archana Shanker and Vidisha Garg

Therapeutic substances used under the folk medicine practices of what is known as ‘traditional knowledge’ are protected by special provisions under Indian patent law. Archana Shanker and Vidisha Garg explore the pros and cons.

Slow but positive change? The evolution of section 3d

India01-04-2013Rahul Vartak

New definitions of efficacy are helping to clarify pharmaceutical patent challenges under the notorious Section 3d of the Indian Patents Act, says Rahul Vartak.

India: the Sunitinib case


Sugen’s patent for anti-cancer drug sunitinib has been revoked by the Indian Patent Office. Ranjna Mehta-Dutt and Swarup Kumar at Remfry & Sagar explain the details of the matter.

A step into the unknown: India's first compulsory licence

01-05-2012Archana Shanker

For the first time in the history of the Indian patent system, a compulsory licence has been granted. Archana Shanker considers the implications.

For better, for worse? How shifting IP laws change the global life sciences regulatory chessboard


With IP laws around the world subject to frequent and sometimes unpredictable changes, it can be difficult to keep abreast of everything you need to know. Richard Gough and Jane Woodhouse take a look.

Building operative partnerships with law enforcement

01-05-2011Vaughn Volpi

There is a perfect storm brewing in the healthcare industry. Over the past few years, there has been an unprecedented rise in the trade of illicit healthcare products in the secondary market.

Practice points in Israel patent prosecution: selection patents and treatment of earlier-filed patent applications

Israel01-05-2011Moshe Tritel

Israel patent practice is distinct from US and European practice in a number of respects. Moshe Tritel describes a number of such areas with important practical ramifications for applicants seeking to maximise their patent protection in Israel.

A revolution: biotech patents in India

India01-05-2011Archana Shanker

It has taken a long time for India to develop a productive environment for biotechnology. But recent developments look to have put it on the right track. Archana Shanker explains.

Showing 81 to 88 of 88 results