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A hard lesson learnt: Commonwealth v Sanofi

Australia26-10-2023Naomi Pearce and Kate Legge

The Australian government has made numerous claims for damages against patentees for savings forgone when an interlocutory/preliminary injunction delays a generic's launch but the patent is invalidated or there is a finding of non-infringement.

Can pharma firms deduct fees in Hatch-Waxman suits?

US18-07-2023Carina Federico and Anne Li

Generic drug makers are watching two cases that will determine whether pharmaceutical firms can deduct—rather than capitalise—legal fees for defending against patent infringement suits, say Carina Federico and Anne Li of Crowell & Moring.

Issues with the patent linkage system in Mexico

Mexico09-07-2023Alejandro Luna and Luz Elena Elias

Certain problems with the patent opposition process need to be addressed in order to protect patent owners, say Alejandro Luna and Luz Elena Elias of Olivares.

South Africa: Hope for measures to prevent abuse of the patent system

Africa, China, India09-05-2023Tyron Grant

Government-led schemes to incentivise patents are leading to delays and prejudice against legitimate applicants. Tyron Grant of Spoor and Fisher explains how South Africa is tackling the problem.

Pfizer’s pregabalin litigation: the latest twist

UK15-02-2023Darren Smyth

The long-running legal saga between the pharma giant and the NHS as well as generic drug makers has developed further, as Darren Smyth of EIP explains.

Why Novartis lost its treatment dispute with Teva

EU17-01-2023Azadeh Vahdat

The pharma company’s arguments focusing on ‘inventive step’ failed to convince a London court that the Israeli generic drug maker had infringed, explains Azadeh Vahdat of EIP.

Navigating the murky waters of the Hatch-Waxman ‘safe harbour’

US25-08-2022Jeanna Wacker and Tasha Francis Gerasimow

Safe harbour provisions can be relied on but their boundaries are still being defined, explain Jeanna Wacker and Tasha Francis Gerasimow of Kirkland & Ellis.

Why the ‘first penguin’ of pay for delay has not come in Japan: anatomy of a Japan paradox

Japan27-05-2022Takanori Abe

Why does Japan have no reverse payments culture? Takanori Abe of Abe & Partners unpicks a complex issue.

Neurim, Flynn discover that time is not on their side

UK26-05-2022Lydia Birch

The case reinforced the need for interim injunction applications to be made as quickly as possible, explains Lydia Birch of EIP.

South Africa: homeopathy case clarifies ‘medicine’ definition

South Africa23-05-2022Kareema Shaik and Jenny Pienaar

South Africa’s Supreme Court has declared regulations on complementary medicines invalid, explain Kareema Shaik and Jenny Pienaar of Adams & Adams.

Showing 1 to 10 of 143 results