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Scientists and IP: Avoiding the pitfalls of publishing research

International30-11-2023Marisa Woutersen

Patent applications need to offer the full picture when it comes to scientific research, finds Marisa Woutersen at LSPN Europe.

Patent term compensation controversies in Mexico

Mexico28-11-2023Daniel Sanchez and Karla Olvera

An ambiguous decision by the Supreme Court has paved the way for frivolous petitions for compensation and clarity is needed, say Daniel Sanchez and Karla Olvera of Olivares.

The new IP battleground in CRISPR-Cas

EU21-11-2023Claire Irvine

Recent clashes over patents covering modified guide RNAs have exposed different approaches from the US and Europe—and new complications for the field, says Claire Irvine of HGF.

How to patent biological materials from 3D printing

Brazil16-11-2023Priscila Kashiwabara and Breno Souza

Securing IP protection in Brazil for the ‘bio-ink’ used to print new human tissue has challenges but composition is key, say Priscila Kashiwabara and Breno Souza of Kasznar Leonardos.

A hard lesson learnt: Commonwealth v Sanofi

Australia26-10-2023Naomi Pearce and Kate Legge

The Australian government has made numerous claims for damages against patentees for savings forgone when an interlocutory/preliminary injunction delays a generic's launch but the patent is invalidated or there is a finding of non-infringement.

UK universities prove resilience during Horizon hiatus

UK14-09-2023Sarah Speight

Although UK research universities were going strong after Horizon funding was pulled, it could have been a different story had the scheme not been reinstated, finds Sarah Speight.

Femtech: from taboo to multibillion-dollar industry

International07-09-2023Liz Hockley

Technology is continuing to transform women’s healthcare and female inventors are driving the change—but more needs to be done to ensure they secure IP rights.

Cannabis and IP: Nurturing innovation in Brazil’s life sciences industry

Brazil03-08-2023Priscila Kashiwabara and Luan Scalzitti

A reticent patent office and complex legal picture make getting IP protection of treatments based on the lucrative plant tricky, explain Priscila Kashiwabara and Luan Scalzitti of Kasznar Leonardos.

3D Bioprinting: Can India capitalise on a growing trend?

India01-08-2023Kavita Arora and Shaivya Dhavan

Amid worldwide interest, India could position itself as a global hub for a desperately needed technology, say Kavita Arora and Shaivya Dhawan of K&S Partners.

UPC after one month: Life sciences cases

EU29-06-2023Joanne Welch and Darren Smyth

Revocation and infringement actions involving a cholesterol treatment, prosthetic valves, and methods for analyte detection are among the first to land at the court within its first month, explain Joanne Welch and Darren Smyth of EIP.

Showing 1 to 10 of 313 results