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Effects of GSK v Teva ripple after SCOTUS denies cert

US23-05-2023Chad Landmon, Ross Blau and Gulrukh Haroon

Despite one judge’s insistence that the case was “narrow and fact dependent”, GSK v Teva could have wide-reaching implications for generic drugs, biosimilars, and how skinny labels are read, say Chad Landmon, Ross Blau, Gulrukh Haroon of Axinn, Veltrop & Harkrider.

South Africa: Hope for measures to prevent abuse of the patent system

Africa, China, India09-05-2023Tyron Grant

Government-led schemes to incentivise patents are leading to delays and prejudice against legitimate applicants. Tyron Grant of Spoor and Fisher explains how South Africa is tackling the problem.

Humira: lessons from 20 years of patents, pricing and profits

US21-03-2023Sarah Speight

As AbbVie’s multibillion-dollar blockbuster drops over the patent cliff, is it time to tighten up patent and pricing strategies in the US? Sarah Speight investigates.

The Dutch non-profit taking on AbbVie for ‘overpricing' Humira by $1.3bn

Netherlands09-03-2023Sarah Speight

The Pharmaceutical Accountability Foundation has accused the pharma giant of excessively pricing its blockbuster drug, and believes it could influence the regulation of pricing and patent policy for global medicines in the process.

Japan: DOE and cross-border infringement of a biologics process patent

Japan09-02-2023Takanori Abe

The Tokyo District Court judgment on patent infringement and question of territoriality is game-changing, says Takanori Abe of Abe & Partners.

Could Apple face an ITC import ban of its watches?

US17-01-2023Sarah Speight

With wearable health monitoring technology booming, Apple is facing several challenges to its smartwatch patents from medtech firms, and ITC investigations threatening import bans in the US. Sarah Speight reports.

Promoting women in STEM

International15-11-2022Janine Swarbrick and Sofie McPherson

What does it mean for women to be at the heart of our business? Janine Swarbrick and Sofie McPherson of HGF examine the gender balance in IP and what is being done to improve it.

Patenting livestock microbiome tech: trends and takeaways

EU27-10-2022Rosie McDowell

Developments in microbiome tech are aimed at reducing the need for antibiotics in livestock farming and have led to some notable patenting trends and requirements, explains Rosie McDowell of EIP.

Microbial consortia and IP in Europe

EU23-08-2022Ine Vanderleyden

Protecting new and inventive innovations in this increasingly crowded area is essential, explains Ine Vanderleyden of Mewburn Ellis.

The fall of COVID-19 and the rise of antimicrobial resistance

International17-03-2022Donald McNab and Mark Schuster

With evidence of antimicrobial resistance increasing, can innovation incentives drive pharma to fight back? Donald McNab and Mark Schuster of Marks & Clerk explore.

Showing 1 to 10 of 302 results