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Clinical trials in Costa Rica: protecting patient privacy

Costa Rica10-06-2016María del Pilar López and Esteban Monge

There are clear rules on the use of patient data in clinical trials in Costa Rica, as well as sanctions for any breaches, explain María del Pilar López and Esteban Monge of Zürcher Lawyers.

The battle for biotech drugs in India

India09-06-2016Archana Shanker

India needs to focus more resources on evaluating applications for biologic drugs, while the biosimilar system needs to be tweaked, says Archana Shanker of Anand and Anand.

Freeing Africa from hunger


Africa Harvest is working towards reducing hunger and poverty in some of the world’s poorest countries. Dr Florence Wambugu, founder of the organisation, tells LSIPR more about its work.

Best practices for patenting antibodies

08-06-2016Kene Gallois

There are several rules to watch out for when seeking patent protection for antibodies in Brazil, as Kene Gallois of Daniel Advogados reports.

Fighting like cats and dogs: protecting IP at Merial


Merial, which is well-known for making products that kill fleas and ticks on cats and dogs, faces a number of challenges on the IP front, as global head of IP Dr Judy Jarecki-Black, tells LSIPR.

Protecting homeopathic treatments in Europe

EU07-06-2016André Guder

EPO case law suggests that inventions covering homeopathic medicines do not have to meet a higher bar of patentability than conventional medicaments, but it still must be shown that the claimed products lead to the alleged therapeutic effect. André Guder of Uexküll & Stolberg reports.

Biosimilars and biologics: the life sciences battleground


In an interview with LSIPR, Hans Sauer, deputy general counsel for intellectual property at the Biotechnology Innovation Organization, explains more about the big issues affecting it at the moment and how the trade association is responding.

Biotech in Birmingham: Alta Innovations’ story


Birmingham—Britain’s second city—with a leading university for research and development, allows biotech companies to enjoy the benefits of a cluster, as James Wilkie, CEO of Alta Innovations, the commercial spinout of the University of Birmingham, told LSIPR.

BIO 2016 session preview: “No Patent, No Cure”

EU05-06-2016Nathalie Moll

The biotech industry on both sides of the Atlantic is facing serious challenges in protecting its inventions, argues Nathalie Moll, secretary general of EuropaBio, which is organising a discussion on the topic at the 2016 BIO International Convention in San Francisco.

In or out? How UK and European politics are shaking IP all about

EU, UK02-06-2016Jane Wainwright and Tom Harding

With the UK set to decide on whether it wants to be in or out of Europe, Jane Wainwright and Tom Harding of Potter Clarkson examine how politics is shaping IP in Europe.

Showing 161 to 170 of 278 results