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Animal patents: Blurring the lines

EU, US27-10-2015

Patent examiners not only have to tackle legal questions, but in cases of inventions directed to genetically modified animals they must consider moral issues too. This forms part of a wider controversial debate surrounding animals and patents. LSIPR reports.

Amgen v Sandoz: The biosimilars saga continues

US27-10-2015Steve Coyle and Leslie-Anne Maxwell

Despite the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit’s ruling in Amgen v Sandoz, significant uncertainty concerning two key provisions of the BPCIA remains, as Steve Coyle and Leslie-Anne Maxwell of Cantor Colburn describe.

Compulsory licences: Working in the public interest

India27-10-2015Neeti Wilson

Parties can apply for a compulsory licence in India on several grounds, including that the invention is not worked in the country. Neeti Wilson of Anand and Anand explores the issue further.

Traditional knowledge: Protecting age-old practices


Despite the importance of traditional knowledge in many regions, an international treaty governing its control and exploitation does not exist yet—and talks have stalled. LSIPR reports.

Drug patents: A question of morality


Non-profit organisation I-MAK is attempting to expose the problem at the heart of the patent system—that too often drug patents are wrongfully granted and consequently sick people in poorer countries are being left untreated. LSIPR delves deeper into the issues.

Technology transfer: Centres of IP excellence

Brazil27-10-2015Gabriel Di Blasi and Felipe Barros Oquendo

The future of Brazil’s technological innovation centres, which bring together public and private sector parties to develop mainly life sciences technology, looks bright. Gabriel Di Blasi and Felipe Barros Oquendo of Di Blasi, Parente & Associados report

BIA: positive messages for life sciences

UK22-10-2015Jane Wainwright

The life sciences sector in the UK is booming, as delegates at October’s BIA forum heard. Jane Wainwright of Potter Clarkson reports.

A sledgehammer to crack a nut

Netherlands15-10-2015Annemiek Verkamman

The Dutch lobby to amend Directive 98/44/EC on the legal protection of biotechnological inventions will severely damage the ability of the biotech sector to innovate—and for no tangible reason, says Annemiek Verkamman of HollandBIO.

Don’t hit the panic button

Australia15-10-2015Grant Shoebridge

The High Court of Australia’s decision in Myriad has led some observers to hit the panic button and demand immediate legislative change, but only isolated naturally-occurring genes are affected and the ruling should be read in that light, says Grant Shoebridge of Shelston IP.

SPCs should start once authorisation is broadcast, says AG

Austria, EU02-10-2015

Supplementary protection certificates should take effect once an applicant for marketing authorisation has been notified of the authorisation, an advocate-general has urged the Court of Justice of the European Union to confirm.

Showing 201 to 210 of 293 results