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Europe v US: the patentability of diagnostic claims

EU, US17-09-2015Andrew Carridge and Neil Thornton

Researchers should keep in mind that broad claims applying the discovery of a biomarker and disease correlation are currently patentable in Europe but not in the US. Andrew Carridge and Neil Thornton of Reddie & Grose report.

The role of the UPC

EU27-08-2015Paul England and Christof Höhne

The competence in various areas of the new Unified Patent Court is a matter of conjecture, as Paul England and Christof Höhne of law firm Taylor Wessing report.

Choose your court

US23-07-2015Tasha Francis and Dorothy Whelan

Biopharma parties thinking about challenging a patent via an inter partes review should be aware that there are significant differences between district court and IPR practice, as Tasha Francis and Dorothy Whelan of Fish & Richardson explain.

Under pressure: India’s progressive IP policies

India, International09-07-2015Yuanqiong Hu

India’s progressive IP policies—and its status as ‘pharmacy of the developing world’ and lifeline for millions of people—are now under threat from many fronts. Yuanqiong Hu, IP advisor for Médecins Sans Frontières’s Access Campaign, explains more.

Exploit and protect

Brazil02-07-2015Gabriel Di Blasi

The Brazilian government has passed a new law which will promote the development of products based on the country’s rich biodiversity. Gabriel Di Blasi of Di Blasi, Parente & Associados discusses the implications for companies, researchers and traditional knowledge holders.

A boom in biotech

Brazil16-06-2015Gabriel Di Blasi and Marisa Moura Momoli

An enormous increase in the number of biotech articles published in Brazil indicates that the area is experiencing strong expansion when considered in the global context, as Gabriel Di Blasi and Marisa Moura Momoli of Di Blasi, Parente & Associados report.

Brazil focus: Protecting plant varieties—without IP law

Brazil16-06-2015Renata Campello Afonso

There is increasing demand for plant variety protection in Brazil. Renata Campello Afonso of Luiz Leonardos & Advogados reports.

Plant patentability: The scope of exclusion provisions

EU16-06-2015Albrecht von Menges

The Enlarged Board of Appeal of the European Patent Office has issued the second decisions in the so-called Broccoli and Tomato cases. Albrecht von Menges of Uexküll & Stolberg examines the decisions and their implications.

Stemming the tide of rejections

Mexico16-06-2015Jasmin Maqueda

Mexican patent examiners usually reject patents directed to human embryonic stem cells, but applications filed after 2008 may have a greater chance of being approved, as Jasmin Maqueda of Becerril, Coca & Becerril describes.

Ogres and trolls

US16-06-2015Steve Coyle, Leslie-Anne Maxwell, Chad Dever

The inter partes review system was set up as a cheaper way of invalidating patents than litigation. Given the high success rate, and the large number of ‘patent trolls’ involved, is it likely that troll activity will be dampened? Steve Coyle, Leslie-Anne Maxwell and Chad Dever of Cantor Colburn investigate.

Showing 231 to 240 of 313 results