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US bio/pharma patents under attack

US29-09-2014Arlene Chow and Peter Noh

Increasing numbers of patent challengers are finding the USPTO’s post-grant procedures to be attractive alternatives to district court litigation, write Arlene Chow and Peter Noh.

Mapping the IP Landscape

UK, US04-09-2014Quentin Tannock and Anna Duch

For those who can draw an informative patent map and work out a good navigational route through the complexities, there is an opportunity to gain significant competitive advantages through making the right partnerships, argue Quentin Tannock and Anna Duch.

Patenting stem cells: filing date is the key

EU07-07-2014Joachim Wachenfeld

The EPO generally accepts applications relating to human embryonic stem cells with an effective date after 2008 but discussions about eligibility continue, says Joachim Wachenfeld.

Digital health: rise of the machines

EU, US20-06-2014

Digital health, which brings together digital and genetic data to improve healthcare, will play a vital role in personalised medicine. But there will be significant challenges when it comes to protecting this innovative new area. LSIPR looks at its uses and the potential challenges.

Myriad woes for US innovators

EU, US20-06-2014Bethan Hopewell and Jennifer Antcliff

The USPTO’s new guidance for examiners extends the decision in Myriad beyond isolated nucleic acids to all claims concerning ‘judicial exceptions’. Bethan Hopewell and Jennifer Antcliff report.

The post-Medeva SPC saga: what about biologicals?

EU20-06-2014Jaap Mannaerts

For those involved in the development of biological drugs, the prospects of getting what would seem to be a ‘fair reward’ may not have improved much, says Jaap Mannaerts.

Tough times continue for stem cell patents

EU20-06-2014Franz-Josef Zimmer and Markus Grammel

The exclusion from patentability of certain cells derived from human embryos is a reflection of the EPO’s increasingly restrictive stance, say Franz-Josef Zimmer and Markus Grammel.

Indian patent law: a new direction

India20-06-2014Archana Shanker

Recent decisions suggest that the Indian system seems to be changing direction towards developing sound patent law jurisprudence, says Archana Shanker.

Subject matter eligibility: interpreting the USPTO guidelines

US30-05-2014Courtenay C. Brinckerhoff

The new examination guidelines do not carry the weight of law, and it is not likely that their more extreme aspects will withstand judicial scrutiny, but practitioners need to keep tabs on court decisions, says Courtenay C. Brinckerhoff.

Protecting biomarkers and personalised/stratified medicine

EU, US30-04-2014Stephanie Pilkington

With careful patent drafting and prosecution, it is possible to capture significant IP value in the clinically—and commercially—important area of biomarkers, says Stephanie Pilkington of Potter Clarkson.

Showing 241 to 250 of 293 results