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LSIPR 50 2018: It’s not like selling cars


Balancing a company’s duty to shareholders with the public responsibility to provide lifesaving treatments is a constant challenge, as Issi Rozen, chief business officer at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, tells LSIPR.

The future of precision medicine part 1: challenges and opportunities

UK, US13-06-2018Daniel Lim

The healthcare industry and governments around the world are turning to precision medicine as an opportunity and a potential saviour. Daniel Lim of Kirkland & Ellis discusses the issues around translating the promise of precision medicine into real world clinical practice.

Keeping trade fair

Mexico01-06-2018Hector Chagoya

As Mexico prepares for a presidential election in 2018, pharma IP owners are hoping that the progress made in trade negotiations is not undone. Hector Chagoya of Becerril Coca & Becerril reports.

Post-grant proceedings: shaping the biotech landscape

US01-06-2018Jennifer Fox

It is certain that both inter partes and post-grant reviews will continue to shape the landscape for biologics patents and biosimilars, says Jennifer Fox of Brinks Gilson & Lione.

Can a computer invent a drug?

International, US31-05-2018MaryAnne Armstrong

Artificial intelligence is being used increasingly in the pharma and biotech industries, and questions are being asked about the legal status of innovations created by the technology, as MaryAnne Armstrong of Birch, Stewart, Kolasch & Birch reports.

Uncertain times for antibodies in India

India31-05-2018Archana Shanker and Nupur Maithani

In India, there are two core areas of the antibody patenting field that are unsettled and need correcting, as Archana Shanker and Nupur Maithani of Anand and Anand explain.

Patents and biodiversity: crossing the divide

India15-05-2018Vidisha Garg

The Indian Patent Office has attempted to bridge the divide between the laws on patents and biological diversity, but instead it created a maze of problems, says Vidisha Garg of Anand and Anand.

Clearing a way through the CRISPR patent jungle

Belgium, Denmark, International08-05-2018Timo Minssen, Esther van Zimmeren, Jakob Wested

There may be a path through the CRISPR patent jungle, but there are many obstacles still in the way, say European academics Timo Minssen, Esther van Zimmeren and Jakob Wested.

Conference preview: ChinaBio Partnering Forum


The ChinaBio Partnering Forum, which will be held in Suzhou from April 25 to 26, is celebrating its tenth anniversary and is expected to attract pharma and biotech companies from around the world.

Conference preview: BIO-Europe Spring


The 12th annual BIO-Europe Spring conference, to be held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands on March 12 to 14, 2018, will allow key players in the biotech industry to come together, as Catherine Moreno Finan reports.

Showing 71 to 80 of 293 results