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LSIPR 50 2018: Scott Gottlieb


Scott Gottlieb was selected in the LSIPR 50 2018 publication for​ ​his influence on the life sciences industry. He featured in the government and policy section, as LSIPR reports.

LSIPR 50 2018: The entrepreneurial bug


At Flagship Pioneering, Aram Adourian, partner, knowledge management, uses his skills to leverage internal and external knowledge and informatics across the breadth of the company’s research activities, as he tells LSIPR.

LSIPR 50 2018: Backing the innovators


Josh Makower, partner at venture capital investor New Enterprise Associates, explains to LSIPR the firm’s role in supporting medtech innovation, his sweet spot when it comes to projects, and how to balance what is medically relevant with commercial viability.

The future of precision medicine part 2: data is king

International, UK17-07-2018Daniel Lim

In the area of precision medicine, there are questions surrounding what data is needed, how it is used, what it should look like and what concerns there are for patients and society, as Daniel Lim of Kirkland & Ellis reports.

LSIPR 50 2018: An agent of change in healthcare


Healthcare investment yields the best returns when focusing on its core aims and forging strong partnerships, James Flynn, managing partner of Deerfield, tells LSIPR.

Will the EPO’s Enlarged Board hear the Broad’s CRISPR case?

EPO13-07-2018Jakob Wested, Timo Minssen, Esther van Zimmeren

As the Broad Institute faces a formidable task in defending its revoked CRISPR patent claims in a pending appeal at the EPO, European academics Jakob Wested, Timo Minssen, and Esther van Zimmeren are wondering whether some of the issues might be referred to the Enlarged Board of Appeal.

LSIPR 50 2018: Personalised medicine: the way forward


BMS’s teams are working to answer key questions and more intimately understand the interplay between the immune system and cancer, Paul Golian, vice president and assistant counsel of IP at BMS, tells LSIPR.

Searching for variant sequences with pinpoint accuracy

12-07-2018Ellen Sherin 

The world of sequence variation IP is complicated and confusing, and fraught with legal risk, but there is a solution, as Ellen Sherin of GQ Life Sciences reports.

LSIPR 50 2018: Leading the transformation change


Scott Alban of AstraZeneca outlines the company’s recent transformation aimed at breaking down barriers and the uncharted territories that it is eager to explore.

LSIPR 50 2018: The promise of IP


Since joining Eli Lilly’s patent division nearly 20 years ago, Manisha Desai has worked on the procurement and enforcement of patents worldwide.

Showing 161 to 170 of 722 results