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Japan: DOE and cross-border infringement of a biologics process patent

Japan09-02-2023Takanori Abe

The Tokyo District Court judgment on patent infringement and question of territoriality is game-changing, says Takanori Abe of Abe & Partners.

Could Apple face an ITC import ban of its watches?

US17-01-2023Sarah Speight

With wearable health monitoring technology booming, Apple is facing several challenges to its smartwatch patents from medtech firms, and ITC investigations threatening import bans in the US. Sarah Speight reports.

Why Novartis lost its treatment dispute with Teva

EU17-01-2023Azadeh Vahdat

The pharma company’s arguments focusing on ‘inventive step’ failed to convince a London court that the Israeli generic drug maker had infringed, explains Azadeh Vahdat of EIP.

Will de-extinct animals be patent eligible in the US?

US05-01-2023Brian Hausman

Science fiction is becoming science fact but the Alice/Mayo framework throws up some interesting challenges to bringing life back from the dead, explains Brian Hausman of Baker Botts.

Medical device innovations and IP: A strategy is everything

US03-01-2023Sabing Lee and Kregg Koch

Bringing a medical device to market relies on a broad understanding of IP, explain Sabing Lee and Kregg Koch of Knobbe Martens.

Amgen v Sanofi: Big Pharma awaits SCOTUS decision

US15-12-2022Timothy Sendek

As patent attorneys look ahead to 2023's key rulings, Timothy Sendek of Akerman offers insights on the pending enablement case at the Supreme Court.

Exhaustion and parallel trade: what’s next for pharma TMs?

UK01-12-2022Rebecca Anderson-Smith

As the ‘UK+’ exhaustion regime is set to continue for now, Rebecca Anderson-Smith of Mewburn Ellis explores how pharma firms should protect their rights.

Promoting women in STEM

International15-11-2022Janine Swarbrick and Sofie McPherson

What does it mean for women to be at the heart of our business? Janine Swarbrick and Sofie McPherson of HGF examine the gender balance in IP and what is being done to improve it.

Sea change: a Q&A with Kathi Vidal

08-11-2022Muireann Bolger

WIPR Diversity sat down with Kathi Vidal, director of the US Patent and Trademark Office, to talk about her bold plans to encourage more women into the field of patents, expand the bar and make the agency a great place to work.

Patenting livestock microbiome tech: trends and takeaways

EU27-10-2022Rosie McDowell

Developments in microbiome tech are aimed at reducing the need for antibiotics in livestock farming and have led to some notable patenting trends and requirements, explains Rosie McDowell of EIP.

Showing 31 to 40 of 781 results