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Pursuing agribusiness infringement actions in Brazil

Brazil04-11-2014Gabriel Di Blasi

Protecting rights related to desirable plant species is a delicate process, says Gabriel Di Blasi.

companies v AstraZeneca

UK, US03-11-2014Jason Rutt

Jason Rutt considers the impact AstraZeneca’s recent US pay-for-delay case will have on the industry.

Ebola IP rights 
in focus


The current outbreak of Ebola has devastated communities in West Africa. It has also thrown a light on the complex web of IP rights surrounding the possible treatments for this serious and usually fatal virus, as LSIPR discovered.

A bright future for AstraZeneca?

Sweden, UK, US03-11-2014

AstraZeneca has had a tough few years, with a clutch of patent expiries one of the most serious of its problems. So where does it go from here? To find out, LSIPR spoke to the Anglo-Swedish pharmaceutical company’s vice president of business development about the role IP is playing in its plans for future success.

invoking the right 
laws and navigating the challenges

Singapore03-11-2014Andy Leck and Ren Jun Lim

Brand owners may use a multitude of approaches to crack down effectively on fake drugs. Andy Leck and Ren Jun Lim discuss the challenges of anti-counterfeiting efforts in Singapore.

The Nagoya Protocol and what it means for the EU

EU, Japan03-11-2014Richard Bassett and Richard Wells

Richard Bassett and Richard Wells look at what EU-based companies must consider in order to comply with the Nagoya Protocol, the regulation aimed at curbing biopiracy.

A changing landscape: approving biosimilar products in Mexico

Mexico03-11-2014José Trigueros

Who has legal interest in the grant of sanitary registrations for follow-on biologics? José Trigueros examines a recent case in Mexico that could have far-reaching ramifications.

The perils of clinical trials: confidentiality and infringement

EU, UK03-11-2014Dennis Waller

Dennis Waller discusses how differing interpretations of the Bolar exemption may affect clinical trials in the UK.

Challenges to the patenting of “essentially biological processes” in India

India29-10-2014Swarup Kumar and Shivaarti Bajaj

A recent decision from the IPAB on the patent eligibility of biological processes could change the biotech playing field in India, say Swarup Kumar and Shivaarti Bajaj.

HGS: where are we now with SPCs?

EU29-10-2014Ashley Roughton

Should it be possible for a drug maker to stop the owner of a patented ingredient from obtaining an SPC? Ashley Roughton examines the CJEU’s opinion on Eli Lilly v HGS.

Showing 531 to 540 of 690 results