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A changing landscape: approving biosimilar products in Mexico

Mexico03-11-2014José Trigueros

Who has legal interest in the grant of sanitary registrations for follow-on biologics? José Trigueros examines a recent case in Mexico that could have far-reaching ramifications.

The perils of clinical trials: confidentiality and infringement

EU, UK03-11-2014Dennis Waller

Dennis Waller discusses how differing interpretations of the Bolar exemption may affect clinical trials in the UK.

Challenges to the patenting of “essentially biological processes” in India

India29-10-2014Swarup Kumar and Shivaarti Bajaj

A recent decision from the IPAB on the patent eligibility of biological processes could change the biotech playing field in India, say Swarup Kumar and Shivaarti Bajaj.

HGS: where are we now with SPCs?

EU29-10-2014Ashley Roughton

Should it be possible for a drug maker to stop the owner of a patented ingredient from obtaining an SPC? Ashley Roughton examines the CJEU’s opinion on Eli Lilly v HGS.

TapImmune: tapping into innovative cancer treatments


In the competitive world of cancer treatment it’s becoming ever more important to stand out from the crowd. LSIPR speaks to TapImmune’s chief executive Glynn Wilson on why he thinks the company does.

An alliance for science


The Bay Area of California has one 
of the greatest concentrations of life 
sciences companies in the world, 
but its biotech community is being 
threatened by the seemingly 
unstoppable rise of large technology businesses. LSIPR spoke to Christopher Stewart, chair, and Robert Eyler, 
vice chair, of the new North Bay 
Life Science Alliance to find out 
how it plans to strengthen the network in the area.

LSIPR roundtable

UK, US30-09-2014

Earlier this month, the first LSIPR roundtable discussion took place in a London hotel, chaired by managing editor Martin Essex, with six invited experts and deputy editor 
Ed Conlon taking part. We’ll be publishing a special report on the event but, to whet your appetite, here’s how the discussion began—with a lively debate on the USPTO’s guidelines on patent-eligible subject matter in the wake of the Myriad and Mayo court decisions.

US bio/pharma patents under attack

US29-09-2014Arlene Chow and Peter Noh

Increasing numbers of patent challengers are finding the USPTO’s post-grant procedures to be attractive alternatives to district court litigation, write Arlene Chow and Peter Noh.

Mapping the IP Landscape

UK, US04-09-2014Quentin Tannock and Anna Duch

For those who can draw an informative patent map and work out a good navigational route through the complexities, there is an opportunity to gain significant competitive advantages through making the right partnerships, argue Quentin Tannock and Anna Duch.

Pluristem's IP strategy: great expectations


Pluristem develops therapies using cells from the placenta that have been cultured in a unique way. LSIPR finds out how the company protects and nourishes its technologies.

Showing 541 to 550 of 694 results